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We don't get to choose if we're diagnosed with celiac disease. I wrote a short film about two people talking about gluten and celiac disease.

Download the PDF version of this live action short with THIS LINK —> iwantGluten

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Do You Teach Children About Allergies for the sake of their future? It can be a double edged sword.

With the passing of time, society has slowly started to realize the severity of allergies and the potential in which they can kill. Peanuts have been banned from schools, buses and some public places and followed up with praise from those who require this…

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I Review the new gluten-free PowerBar and I couple it with a video. Read and watch this fun review by clicking below.

I was diagnosed with celiac disease (an autoimmune disease where the lower intestine’s ability to absorb the protein ‘gluten’ is practically impossible) in 2008 when I was 27 years old and at that point in my life I was well into being an adult. I had a…

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My Trip to the Glutenberg Craft Brewery was a fun filled provincial trip, filled with gluten-free beer, cold weather and a french speaking cab driver.

  Everywhere you look there are companies, not just food companies, out there trying to create the idea they operate as a industrious family. And, unless you get a chance to visit the factory of business and it’s buildings, no one ever has the opportunity…

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Celiac Disease and Dining Out sometimes don't go hand in hand. Here is some advice for eating gluten-free in public.

As a human being you probably have a desire to go out to a restaurant and have a bite to eat. Whether its a solitary dinner alone, a private intimate evening with a loved one or a group outing with friends or family. Chances are, you have thought about it…

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Undiagnosed Celiac can Create Public Speaking Fears and I know this for a fact. Read about how I have (somewhat) overcome the fear by getting diagnosed with celiac disease at 27 years old.

There was a time I was in college. There shouldn’t be any surprises when it comes to my post-secondary education. I also never finished college. I have no problem in admitting that I never made it through one year, or one semester. At the time I never…

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Come see the newest way to create awareness for celiac disease with The Celiac Action Duo.

Keep coming back on the 15th of every month for all of 2017 and The Celiac Action Duo will be sure to entertain and surprise and advocate celiac disease on the sly and fight bad guys like you’ve never seen.

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Any way you celebrate the holidays, have a safe, happy and gluten free one. From one diagnosed celiac to the rest of the world (new way to advocate by clicking the link).

[blockquote align=center] Interested in sponsoring an original celiac/gluten-free related cartoon drawn and written by King Gluten Free (Jordan Middlebrook) in 2017? Send an email to [/blockquote]  

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Do people think you're not normal because you have celiac disease? Well, newsflash, you are normal. Never let anyone tell you different.

As a diagnosed celiac, I don’t consider myself abnormal. There is nothing different about me that should change the way I feel about myself. YES I have to eat 100% gluten-free to maintain a healthy life and body, but thats normal. The guy down the road…

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Do you think celiac disease needs a cure? Not everything needs to be fixed. Find out why Celiac doesn't need to be cured by reading about it at

There is always an organization hoping to find the cure for a disease, illness or ailment. Institutions like this are always for the betterment of civilization and that’s what makes the world a greater place to live; people helping people though tough…
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