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Dave Schrader (Peasant Dave)
Developer and PAX Goer
Developer and PAX Goer

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Looking to pick up a copy of the Light Weight Role Playing Game at #PAX? You'll be able to find at the Modern Myths booth in tabletop!

I forgot to ask, did anyone else get into the Heroes of the Storm Alpha?

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Thanks to everyone who came out to visit us, run a demo, or buy a book at #MAGFest! We'd love to see any #LWRPG  pictures or stories you might have from the event.

PDFs should all be sent out at this time. Email if you have not received yours.

As always, digital and physical copies of the Light Weight RPG can be purchased from .

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PAX tickets go on sale tomorrow sometime after noon EDT. Check for more details.

Where do people order checks from these days? Just looking for something cheap and plain.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good League of Legends podcast? Looking mostly for news and explanations of meta shifts since I can't read reddit as much currently.

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Opportunities to play and purchase +Light Weight RPG in NJ and MD.
If you're looking to play or purchase +Light Weight RPG in the near future, we have two potential events for you!

This Saturday and Sunday (September 21 and 22) at the Lakewood Renaissance Faire, LWRPG will be sold at the Dragon's Trove Treasures booth. Author +scott schrader  should also be in attendance.

Saturday October 12 and Sunday October 13, +Sean Manson will be running a couple sessions of LWRPG at DC Gameday. You will need to sign up in advance if you want to play. There will also be a limited supply of books available for purchase.

Apparently LG just came out with a new QWERTY phone, and there is a strong rumor of the Droid 5, so I won't be without my keyboard when I finally upgrade my Droid 3. :)

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This is it! The last day to back Tablets & Titans. The campaign ends tomorrow at 10 AM Mountain Time.
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