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Terje Nordin
Please put me in your rpg and / or pulp sf and fantasy circles.
Please put me in your rpg and / or pulp sf and fantasy circles.


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ExVoRex - 040
Cog Null / Vulthoom / Nicrophorous Vespillo / Symbiotic Hominid (Split 2018)
Harsh Noise collaboration of two Swedish and two Hungarian artists.
Limited to 30 copies.
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Here's a good starting point for a far future fantasy or science fiction world.

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Does anyone know when we might expect the Odious Uplands?

I'm trying to decide wether to order it separately later or wait and get all OU books in one shipment.

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V.A. - TOTAL APOCALYPSE(gerpfast raw tape division/indonesia c78 2018)

An apocalypse compilation that will blow your mind and burn your fuckin ears!

Born in 1963, Hasegawa has begun his improvisation with his voice and percussion in early 80's. And in 1989, he formed the group C.C.C.C. which's concept was improvisational mass-noise with very loud sound. Also he has begun his solo unit ASTRO with analog synthesizers in 1993 as well as playing in C.C.C.C. and then he formed "Cosmic Coincidence" in 2010 with the members Manuel Knapp and Rohco, and ASTRO consists of Hasegawa and Rohco as a duo project since 2013.
Now he is actively playing and issuing and doing many collaboration with other artists. His playing style is like drifting between the meditation and awakening state with electronics and still he is pursuing it.

An office worker, but also has been doing noise improvisation as a member of Hijokaidan, Incapacitants, mn, GOMIKAWA, MikaTen and so on for more than 35 years. Recently he’s interested in solo noise performance.

had been producing numerous bad quality cassettes featuring experimental loops and noises as early as 1984 for his own personal enjoyment. As the years passed by, and with the creation of the internet and sites such as YouTube, Harsh Noise Movement started to upload videos of his experimental sounds and realised that no one really cared about them. Then one day, he decided to stop being lazy and created a Bandcamp account. He couldn't think of a name for a label to put his sounds on, so he took the easy way out and used the initials of his noise project, hence HNM Records. He then made a few online accounts on social media sites and started communicating and working with lots of like minded noise artists. The name Harsh Noise Movement came as a sarcastic joke from 2011.

Originally hailing from Chiba, Japan, Rohco is a sound-weaver based in Tokyo. Together with a noise artist Hiroshi Hasegawa, she starts a noise duo in 2009. In the following year, Manuel Knapp joins the two and forms a trio, Cosmic Coincidence.

Harsh Noise/ Experimental from Bangkok, Thailand, Main project of Arkat Vinyapiroath The sounds of liberation which may lead to free the others from their inner confinement, Siamese Noise outfit who represents the stories through recordings from time to time in both acoustic and electric sound synthesis.

started on 2004.04.25 till FOREVER!
from the Shanghai,China composed of analogue harsh noise/pure noise group,has now done over 220 performances in Mainland China、Hong Kong、Republic of China、Japan、Denmark、Switzerland、France、Belgium、UK;has been published in various brands including the limited cdr、cassette、vinyl、cd,ect in more than 370 recordings all over the world!!

A harsh noise/experimental project by Pandu, using a toys and something weird to made a disturbing sound. Bergegas Mati first perform is in Malang Cassette Store Day 2014 with Ari CK from Merico Abang, and released a cassette album called "Menyiasati Nona". About 2-3 gigs Bergegas Mati perform with Ari CK, around 2015 Pandu invite Ucon (ex.Carnivora Infection (voc)) to become Bergegas Mati vocal. Sometime Ucon play a guitar too. In 2016 Pandu and Ari CK record a studio album called "Pop Neraka", only 1 hour for them to made raw/disturbing/shit/fuck 17 songs. In May 2016, "Pop Neraka" is choosen by Village Voice (NY) as April's Best Noise Music with Christian Mirande and Theo Nugraha. Till now Bergegas Mati still active, made some album/split. 

released April 1, 2018
Digital Released by Gerpfast Kolektif, 2018
Raw-Tape Released by Gerpfast Raw-Tape Division, 2018

Hiroshi Hasegawa: All composed, mixed and mastered by Hiroshi Hasegawa at Koenji-Minami studio Tokyo Japan in February 2018.
Hiroshi Hasegawa - field recordings, samplings and electronics

T. Mikawa: Total table of contents, T. Mikawa : Electronics
Recorded and edited by T. Mikawa in his own room, 2018.

Harsh Noise Movement: HNM: All noise and Electronics, 2018.

Rohco: Recorded and mixed by Rohco and mastered by Hiroshi Hasegawa at Koenji-Minami studio Tokyo Japan in February 2018.

Gamnad737: Recorded, Edited, Mastered by Arkat Vinyapiroath at Moontone Records in 2018

Torturing Nurse: Junky:noise、Axiang:guest drums
recorded at contrail studio in shanghai on 2018.02.10
mixed & mastered by Junky.

Bergegas Mati: Recorded and mixed by Pandu at Gerpfast HQ, 2018.

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This looks like it should fit well with Numenera!

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1st May in Umeå, Sweden
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