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Friday Health Tip for July 31,2015

Take 5 minutes to recognize your body for the miracle that it is. Slowly scan and become aware of each part of your body from head to toe. Then gently become aware of your whole body. Breathe gently and let your thoughts come and go like snow in the summer sun. Offer no resistance to anything. When you arrive in that state of peace just let it go and then carry that peace forward with you in to your everyday life. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Have a great weekend!
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Friday Health Tip for July 24, 2015

Take a look at a problem that you think you have in your life. Could be a weight issue, a financial issue, a relationship issue, etc. Now by being totally honest and transparent with yourself, when you look at it, how much of your energy is focused on what is not right with the situation. Ask yourself how it makes you feel. From a common sense point of view, how can you invite a solution when your predominate thoughts and energy is on what's wrong or what's not going right. The solution is to recognize that the negative energy and thought patterns will only bring more of the same. Instead become aware and connect with the true you that knows no problems but only stillness and peace.. This is done most effectively thru meditation and focusing within. Paradoxically, when we focus on the peace, love, and joy that are naturally ours, that don't come from anything outside ourselves, our outside world and apparent problems become less intense and even fade away. Have a great weekend!
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Just finished up a gig at the Body Shop. Bring New Era Skin and Body to your offices today and your employees will be very happy
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Hey Everyone,
We are really on fire with our chair massage events. If you know of a company who is interested let us know. Thanks for supporting us!
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