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Love the app! Love finding new shows I've never heard before. Here's my top suggestions after using it for a bit.

- Keep last place I was at when I stopped, even if the app exits. Or a resume button somewhere. I often don't finish a show before leaving the car and want to just start it back up.

- Show more random items or allow us to craft what is coming easier. Categories would be good or even a 'why was this suggested' button.

- Make easier to play more episodes of the same show. If I'm jonesing on on The Hidden Brain, help me get my fix. :)

- Podcast type setup where I could see all shows that came out this week and select from them. Maybe not quite in tune with this app, but I love new shows.

Thanks for a great app and I look forward to the improvements coming.

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This is hilarious!
So Facebook just updated its privacy options....

via +Reddit 

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I like this seal!

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PETA is bad people and has been for awhile. 

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You know what's not new? Our food problems in this country. We are being poisoned and we are meekly going along with it. Mainly because ignorance is high.

How is that we continue to poison ourselves? How is that our government keeps authorizing companies to do so?

In short, why does so much of our food poison on and for the most part, no one seems to care? That's what I want to know.

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The Obamacare package broken down into what it does exactly:

The TL;DR version:

That so many people still lie or are mistaken about this law is just crazy. People just love to be told what to think.

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This guy is a pimp. My brother just saw him play at Sasquatch (in the parking lot for fun) and told me about him. He is a Seattle local too. Just fucking sweet.

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Love it

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