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#1 Provider of Power Inverters and Solar Panels!
#1 Provider of Power Inverters and Solar Panels!

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Those deep-cycle batteries can be expensive! So make sure you take care of them properly and squeeze as much life out of them as you can! Oh yeah, and recycle them too, because it's actually illegal in some states not to!

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This documentary has a riveting message & Earth-shaking images ... what more could you ask for?
+AIMS Power Inverters highly recommends: "Chasing Ice" — documentary about the efforts of photographer James Balog & his Extreme Ice Survey that shines light on the effects of #ClimateChange

More info & a +TED Talk about the film at

#Sustainability #ClimateDeniers #GlobalWarming

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Wishing for a speedy recovery to those affected by extreme weather throughout the Midwest. View the link in this shared post for info on how you can help with disaster relief efforts.
Thoughts and prayers with those affected by the tornadoes throughout the Midwest and Illinois.We put together a blog w/ more info on the scope of the situation & what you can do to help at

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Gearing up for hunting season? Get off-grid power systems from +The Inverter Store to run a coffee pot, some lights or even a television during the downtime!
Hunting — one of man's favorite pastimes. +The Inverter Store  provides off-grid, compact power systems for hunters everywhere. Click the link for more info! Happy Hunting!

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They're doing big things with +AIMS Power Inverters these days ...
We unveiled the world's most versatile green-energy generator this week at the Emergency Management and Homeland Security Expo (EMEX), an annual tradeshow put on by the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM). Click the link to learn more about this exciting and innovative product.

#Reno #Nevada #Solar #IAEM13

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Our friends over at +AIMS Power Inverters built this interactive global map as a guide to building off-grid and renewable energy systems in every country throughout the world!
We launched a global interactive inverter guide to understanding electrical systems & benefits of having renewable off-grid, mobile & emergency backup power in every country! Check it out!

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"Every time you sell a power inverter, it feels like you do a little bit of good for the world." Couldn't have said it better myself, Bruce! Read more about the president/founder of +AIMS Power Inverters at the attached link.
Read about our president and founder, Bruce de Jong. It's a true story of entrepreneurship! +Vocus Inc. +PRWeb

It's also especially timely since we're gearing up for our first trade show ever, the ICUEE (International Construction & Utility Equipment Expo), also known as the Demo Expo, in Louisville, Kentucky October 1-3.

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The Freedom Kegerator runs on +AIMS Power Inverters to make cold beer mobile (: Read about it at the attached link.
Inverters were made for entrepreneurs. Read about The Freedom Kegerator to see why ...

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