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Lupin Chevalier

Sounds fascinating I'd like to join in.

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Dear Google+ I know a lot of people are asking for this but you still haven't commented.

I'd like to view my friends updates Chronologically. It would be great. Thanks.
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I need to provide...

2. A medical certificate (issued from a hospital not more than 6 months), which is guarantee she/he is free from the following diseases:
- Leprosy
- Active Tuberculosis
- Elephantiasis
- Drug Addiction
- Third Phase of Syphilis
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Oh god damn it script writers... "Once we establish an outpost on Titan we have a base to explore beyond our own galaxy."

Yep.. Kinda like if I moved to the other side of my desk I have the perfect place to launch paper planes at the southern tip of South America...
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My new computer has arrived. It's sitting on my desktop, looking gorgeous, weighing down the crust of the earth, and making many co-workers jealous.
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Q: How many members of a certain demographic group does it take to perform a specified task?
A: A finite number: one to perform the task and the remainder to act in a manner stereotypical of the group in question.
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Nerd dreams are made of this.
After a couple years of trying to get me and Nathan Fillion in the same place at the same time, +Felicia Day made it happen last night at the Nerd HQ.

After dancing like idiots (the only way I know how) for a little bit, Nathan hugged me and said, "When I was a teenager, you were living my dream." I told him, "When I was in my twenties, you were living mine."

Also, this happened. Yes, that's my son photobombing us.

I'll write more about comicon on my blog.
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I want a Tesla so much.
But 328% tax is crazy... Apparently the trick is to own it overseas for a couple of years then import it. Righty then. Fun.
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