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Bestech Australia introduces the OX2/231, an oxygen permeability tester to determine oxygen transmission rate of film and package products, including plastic films, composite films, sheeting, plastic bottles, plastic bags and other packages. This is important to ensure the food product maintains a long shelf life. It comes with 2 test modes for both films and packages for accurate tests. The tester can test 3 specimens at once, and then export test results for analysis. An easy-to-use menu interface with LCD display ensures viewing and exporting data is convenient.

The OX2/231 is recommended for the following packages:
• Films – Plastic films, aluminium foils, etc
• Sheeting – Engineering plastics, rubber and building materials
• Package Caps
• Plastic Pipes
• Blister Packs
• Wine bottles
• Contact Lenses

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Bestech Australia Wins Best Product for “PLC, HMI & Sensor Product” Category In The 2016 PACE Zenith Awards

Melbourne, VIC – 11 August 2016 – Bestech Australia has been named the winner of the “Best PLC, HMI & Sensor Product” category at the 2016 Process And Control Engineering (PACE) Zenith Awards. The PACE Zenith Awards celebrate the many successes of the process control and automation industry. Bestech Australia offers many innovative products for process control and automation, and one of them is the award winning Beanair wireless sensor.

Structural health monitoring systems are used to detect damage in buildings, bridges, ships, and aircraft. These systems consist of a device that collects and stores vibration measurements from a small number of sensors, which monitor structural response to ambient vibration (wind, passing vehicles) or forced excitation. Wireless sensor networks are a natural candidate for structural health monitoring systems, as they simplify deployment of instrumentation caused by power and wiring constraints. This can cause significant setup delays and limit the number and location of sensors.

The Beanair wireless sensor network (WSN) enables real-time monitoring performance and environment. The new R&D project developed an integrated system that allows BeanGateway (data collecting via Ethernet or Modbus) / BeanDevice (wireless sensors: accelerometer, inclinometer, temperature, humidity & light sensor etc.) to operate without an internal battery.

The use of WSNs on oil and gas platforms focus on monitoring the production process, to either prevent or detect health and safety issues or to optimise and increase production. Areas the wireless sensor can be used include remote pipelines, corrosion, equipment condition, real time reservoir status and so on.

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Bestech Australia presents the digital sensors for measuring wind, precipitation, air temperature, atmospheric humidity, atmospheric pressure. They feature maintenance-free measuring procedures for wind and precipitation, forced-ventilated and radiation-protected housing.

The following variables are factory programmed: wind velocity (m/s), wind direction (°), precipitation quantity (mm), precipitation intensity (mm/h), air temperature (°C), relative atmospheric humidity (% RH), barometric atmospheric pressure (hPa). The meteorological transducer operates with current ALMEMO® V7 devices, including precision touch screen data logger ALMEMO® 710 and professional measuring instrument ALMEMO® 202.

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A Leading Manufacturer of Overhead Optical Fibre Cables

One of the leading manufacturers of overhead optical fibre cables uses the Lloyd Instruments LR30KPlus test machine to perform tensile tests.
• Non-destructive testing 
• Accurate measurements over tens of meters of cable
• Simultaneous elongation and signal attenuation measurement 
• Conforms to IEC-60794-1-2 Method E1   


Overhead optical fiber cable systems have become a key factor in telecommunications networks used by operators and power utilities. They are popular since existing pylon structures are used, allowing both costs and the time required to get the network up and running to be minimized. A leading manufacturer of overhead optical fibre cables needed to be able to measure the attenuation of signal in the cables as a function of tensile loading as part of its quality control procedures during manufacture. This is because overhead cables are subject to a wide range of environmental conditions and factors such as wind, temperature, ice can result in elongation and/or compression of the cable which can lead to increased signal attenuation or even breakage. 


Tensile testing of optical cable is one of the more difficult mechanical tests to undertake due to the long cable length and potentially high forces required. Traditional tensile testing is conducted on a comparatively small sample of the bulk material. For optical cable, however, the International Electrotechnical Commission has published a standard, IEC-60794-1-2 Method E1, which specifies that tens of meters of the cable must be tested. A tensile load must be accurately applied and the elongation accurately measured while simultaneously measuring signal attenuation in the cable.


The solution was to build a pulley system that would allow lengths of cable between 50 and 80 metres to be tested using a specially configured LR30KPlus twin column materials testing machine supplied from Bestech Australia for the elongation measurements. The LR30KPlus, which can be used for testing applications up to 30 kN (6744 lbf), was mounted horizontally onto a rigid frame in a ‘pogo’ configuration. This means that a rod was fitted to the bottom of the load cell and this runs through a linear bearing in the lower crosshead and connects to the frame containing the end pulley which is mounted on rails to allow the movement required. This allows a uniform tensile force to be applied to cable under test via the pulley. The testing procedure is as follows: 

• The cable is payed out around the pulleys so that a pre-determined length (between 50 and 80 m) is available for test 
• The ends of the cable are firmly secured so that they are fixed when tension is applied 
• Individual fibers in the cable under test are attached to a “Fiber Analysis” machine to measure individual fiber signal transmission ability under tension load 
• A tension load is applied to the end pulley on rails such that load is transmitted evenly along the entire length under test. 
• Some testing involves applying a load at pre-determined strain rates and holding the load at an elevated level as the cable stretches. 
• The test is non-destructive since the tension applied is within the operational values for the cable 

The tests are fully automated and have a pass/fail criteria based on a maximum acceptable increase in signal attenuation (typically 0.05db) and a maximum elongation under installation load of typically 0.25% over its initial length. 

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Successful trade show at AUSPACK 2015! #FOODPROCESSING#PACKAGING
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Bestech Australia is sponsoring and attending the 2014 Australasian Association for Engineering Education Conference (AAEE2014) in Wellington from 8-10 December 2014. Please get more details on registration and hope to see you there!

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The 23rd instalment of the ACMSM conference series is being hosted by Southern Cross University and sponsored by Bestech Australia is going to be held in Byron Bay, Australia, on 9-12 December 2014. 

Since its first offering in 1967 at the University of New South Wales, the ACMSM conference series has grown into a well-respected and well-known Australasian forum dealing with latest trends and development in the fields of structural mechanics and materials.

ACMSM is an ideal vehicle to bring together the best academic and practicing engineering minds in Australasia and abroad for the purposes of advancing knowledge and using knowledge to help solve modern day engineering challenges. The conference is open to researchers and practitioners.

Visit us Bestech Australia at the Byron at Byron Resort and Spa!

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Bestech Australia Pty Ltd has been nominated by Kingston City Council for the 2014 MBA Business of the Year Award. Melbourne Business Awards is set up for recognizing and rewarding business excellence within the region. Bestech Australia Managing Director Sam Bhasin has been invited to the business breakfast on 5th September 2014 as a speaker to present the company growth journey as part of the nomination. 
Bestech Australia will receive the MBA committee members (judging panel) on 28th October 2014 at its Dingley Office for a site tour. 
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NEW ALMEMO® 202 measuring instrument for a wide range of digital sensors 
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