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Comics, community and characters!
Comics, community and characters!


Something new and awesome is coming! Stay tuned! #EastSideMags
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Check out our new video by Visionary AdVentures! Check them out at today!
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Greetings fans of comics and cookies! We’re thrilled to announce that Einhorn’s Epic Cookies is teaming up with awesome comic book store East Side Mags to throw the first ever COOKIE PARTY!!! 
Writer Brian Smith (STUFF OF LEGEND, SPONGEBOB), Artist Jacob Chabot (MIGHTY SKULLBOY ARMY, HELLO KITTY), Colorist/Letterer Steve Wands (BATMAN, ATTACK ON TITAN), and Co-Creators Adam Staffaroni and Heather Einhorn will be on hand to sketch sweet unicorns and sign books or cookies (your choice)! Free Hot Chocolate will also be provided by Simit House Bakery & Co.

So c’mon out, brave the cold and head to East Side Mags on SATURDAY, FEBRURARY 21st @12pm for all the fun! 

When we started making cookies, we didn't want them to be just awesome...We wanted them to be super-mega-awesome! That’s why each of our cosmic cookie combos comes with a surprise ROYAL EINHORN FORCE comic book. Who are the R.E.F. you might ask? Well, their names are HOUSTON, CADIZ, ROMSEY, & BROXBURN, and they’re the roughest, toughest, most stylin’ squad of unicorn warriors in the galaxy. Look for more Royal Einhorn Force adventures with every cookie and on our website, where we’ll have new installments every single week! Planet-hopping unicorn warriors and radically delicious cookies? A crazy mash-up of ideas, maybe…but hey, we’re Einhorns. 
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The amazing Ron Marz will be coming to East Side Mags to meet his fans and sign copies of his work.

Ron has been a part of the comic book industry since 1991 and has given us some of the most exciting and suspenseful story lines ever seen.

Besides writing 50+ issues of Silver Surfer for Marvel Comics throughout the 1990s, Ron also wrote 80+ issues of Green Lantern for DC Comics! Ron was responsible for the Emerald Twilight story line where Hal Jordan basically goes mad with grief, becomes a mass murderer and destroys the Green Lantern Corps - leading into Kyle Rayner becoming a Green Lantern and taking over the sector 2814!

Other writing credits for Ron include (but are not limited to):

DC vs Marvel series

Batman/Aliens (DC Comics)

various Star Wars Comics (Dino Entertainment, Dark Horse)

Witchblade (Top Cow)

Cyberforce (Top Cow)

Ion (DC Comics)

Skylanders (IDW)

Thor #460-471 (Marvel Comics)

What If?... (Marvel Comics)

X-O Manowar (Valiant Comics)

Artifacts (Top Cow)

You can see the entire list of Ron's body of work on his website here.

We are extremely excited to host Ron who is a living legend in the comics industry and hope everyone can make it out to meet him! We'll have copies of his work on hand if you want to get something signed or you can just pick his brain about what the industry was like in the 1990s vs today and real insight into what it's like working on some MAJOR books like Silver Surfer, Green Lantern, Witchblade, Skylanders and more!
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This January sees the release of the BRAND NEW Magic the Gathering set:  Fate Reforged!  And East Side Mags has it!!!

Come draft the new set with us!

5pm registration

6pm start time

$14 per person get you (3) booster packs to draft with (2x Khans of Tarkir, 1 x Fate Reforged)

1st place prize:  $25 East Side Mags store credit

2nd place prize:  (2) Magic the Gathering booster packs of choice

3rd place prize:  (1) Magic the Gathering booster pack of choice

Random door prize:  (1) Magic the Gathering booster pack of choice
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East Side Mags is proud to present the BIGGEST SIGNING EXPERIENCE we have hosted to date! 

Frank Barbiere (Writer)

Five Ghosts (picked up by SyFy channel for recurring TV show)
Black Market (2014)
Dark Horse Presents (2012-13)
Solar Man of the Atom (2014)
Avengers World #15, #16 (upcoming 2015)
AXIS: Revolutions #3 (upcoming 2015)
Superboy: Future's End #1 (2014)
Blackout (2014)

Matthew Rosenberg (Artist)

12 Reasons to Die (2013-14)
Liberator: Rage Ignition (2014)
Intellectual Property (stories embedded Five Ghosts Issues)
The Urn (2012)
Occupy Comics Anthology (2013)

Anthony Marques (Writer/Artist/Assistant Editor)

Superman New 52 #17-34 (2013-14)
Action Comics New 52 #20, 22-35 (2013-14)
Earth 2 New 52 #9-26 (2013-14)
Teen Titans New 52 #17-30 (2013-14)
Secret Origins #1-3, 5, 7 (2014-15)
This is just a sampling of their work. All 3 guys are amazingly talented. You do NOT want to miss this.

Signing comics, sketching and tons of fun will be at East Side Mags on January 24th from 1pm-4pm. 

Come meet some of today's hottest writers and artists!
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East Side Mags is PROUD to present the greatest space movie since Star Wars! The Marvel masterpiece that put a lesser known comic book property on the map in a BIG way and brought us, not just a Han Solo-like raccoon and a giant, wooden Chewbacca! It's not a debate who shot first in this one!

For those who have not yet seen this "Marvel"-ous movie, it follows the exploits of Peter Quill aka Star-Lord as he acquires a strange space artifact, finding an uneasy alliance with a rag-tag team of bounty hunters and criminals as they pursue a buyer for the strange rock while keeping it away from THANOS - the universe's most infamous entity. Fun, space fights and hilarity are all in store!!!

As usual - we are looking for attendees to bring healthy food donations for Toni's Kitchen in Montclair, NJ. Suggestions for food donations can be found at

Equipment to show the movie is generously donated by Gateway AV in Summit, NJ (
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It's Friday night and you know what that means? Draft time for all Magic: The Gathering fans! This time around we're checking out Khans of Tarkir so don't miss a minute!

$14 to enter. Each entrant gets (3) booster packs to draft with!

Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place along with a random door prize!

Registration at 5pm. Game time at 6pm.

See you at East Side Mags - 7 South Fullerton Ave in Montclair, NJ!
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East Side Mags welcomes Jared Barel, Director/Writer/Producer/Artist/Designer for Loaded Barrel Studios and co-creator of Brielle and the Horror.

Demonic possession, secret government agencies and fanatical priests are all on the chase to try and capture Brielle before she can figure out how to control the beast insider her! 

This book has won so many awards it's scary:

International Book Awards - FINALIST: Best Interior Design

International Book Awards - WINNER: Best Graphic Novel

Independent Publisher Book Awards - WINNER: Silver Medal Best Graphic Novel

Next Generation Indie Book Awards - FINALIST: Best Overall Design 

The Los Angeles Book Festival - DESIGNER OF THE YEAR For Jared Barel

The Los Angeles Book Festival - WINNER: Wild Card Category

The Sketchy Awards - WINNER Best Graphic Novel 2013

Jared will be signing copies of his work and sketching for his fans. 

The signing will be from 1pm-3pm.

Come meet a great friend of East Side Mags and a local guy finding HUGE success in the comic book industry!
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