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Combining Web Analytics, User Experience and Conversion Testing with creative Search Marketing and Social Media strategies to increase your online revenues
Combining Web Analytics, User Experience and Conversion Testing with creative Search Marketing and Social Media strategies to increase your online revenues

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Fascinating inside look at how great content goes viral...
This Is How You Make Something Go Viral: An Impractical Guide

Going viral is much deeper than most people think.

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Thank you to The Oatmeal for making my job so much easier. I'll be showing this comic to all my clients from now on.

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Want more exposure for your YouTube videos? Get started with these simple steps to get more views...

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5 Simple Tips To Attract More Followers On Google+

1) Publicly Recommend People – Most people on G+ are looking for more interesting people to follow. So make a post recommending your 5 favorite G+ users for your friends to follow. Be sure to link to each account using their +name. This technique will get the attention of each of your recommended people and by helping them to gain followers (and flattering them a little) there is a good chance that they will follow you back.

Thanks to +Hillel Fuld for this idea.

2) Target 10 Influential People - Choose 10 influential people that you wish would follow you and circle them in a special Targets circle so you can easily follow all their posts (without stalking them). Be sure to interact with this people on a regular basis by making especially thoughtful comments on their posts so that they will take notice and follow you. In order to gain the maximum influence, be sure to target people who are only following a small number of people but who have a much larger number of people following them (you want to make sure that these people actually see your posts once they are following you).

3) Get active in Hangouts – Hangouts are a great way to meet and interact with real people on G+. A face-to-face conversation will always yield better results and conversions of new followers than simply using comments and +1s to get people’s attention.

Thanks to +Peter G McDermott for his all his great posts and videos about Hangouts.

4) Cultivate & Respond to Engagement - If someone +1s your post, go and Circle them if you haven’t already. If they comment, reply to that comment using their +name. If someone shares your content go and +1 that share and add a thank you comment if appropriate. Keep track of the people who engage with your content most frequently. Put them in a Circle and you can share directly with them, kick-starting engagement on your post and increasing the probability of more engagement.

Thanks to +AJ Kohn for this tip. I highly recommend that everybody read his epic post on G+ SEO here

5) Post Amazing Content to the Public - Make sure that your profile is totally complete and that you have shared some great content to the public. By not doing so, you limit yourself and the ability for others to find you and your content. Think about what types of videos, articles and images might be interesting to the types of people that you want to engage with on Google+. Mix up personal, professional and simply interesting content. This way when people visit your profile page to consider circling you, they will see lots of interesting content.

Have any of these strategies worked for you?

Do you have any additional tips for how to attract more followers on Google+?

Please share your thoughts in the comments!

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Required viewing for anyone working in website marketing...
Check out +Rand Fishkin in the latest edition of Whiteboard+ - Why Every Marketer Now Needs to Employ a Google+ Strategy

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If you care about improving your landing page's conversion rate, then you need to read this great post by +Oli Gardner

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If your website isn't using this one simple strategy, you could be letting a lot of potential customer get away...

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Of course you are working hard to market you business online. But do you know which of your campaigns are really providing you the best ROI?
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