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The types of books worth reading are the ones that nestle down into your soul long after you've closed the covers. #bookworm #books #reading

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I've recently brought a couple of houseplants for my room. This one is a kalanchoe plant. It's simple, lovely, and with any luck, I won't accidentally kill it with overwatering. #photography #flowers

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Learn the tips and tricks of editing your manuscript in SELF-EDITING FOR FICTION WRITERS. #writers #editors #amwriting #amediting

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Learn how to create amazing characters in WRITING CHARACTERS WHO'LL KEEP READERS CAPTIVATED. #writers #writingtips #amwriting

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Discover insights on writing from sci-fi author Ray Bradbury in ZEN IN THE ART OF WRITING. #writers #writingtips #amwriting

“Your character will come to life by doing, not by sitting around and telling us what she feels about life or about the crisis of the moment. Do, don’t just say.” –Ronald B. Tobias #amwriting #writingtips #writers

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Discovers what's real and what's true in CALVIN by Martine Leavitt. #books #YAlit

“Readers are always on the lookout for patterns; to your readers, everything is either a setup, a payoff, or the road in between.” –Lisa Cron #amwriting #writingtips #writers

“The story isn’t about whether or not the protagonist achieves her goal per se; it’s about what she has to overcome internally to do it. This is what drives the story forward.” –Lisa Cron #amwriting #writingtips #writers

“I don’t sit around waiting to write until my genius decides to pay me a visit. If anything, I have come to believe that my genius spends a lot of time waiting around for me.” –Elizabeth Gilbert #amwriting #writingtips #writers
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