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I bought the full version of Cloudplayer, and it is a great app.

However, since I bought it, a lot of 'must have' features important to me appear to be missing and some functionalities are lacking.

I am using Onedrive where my library of about 20.000 opus files are stored, and although I have a 50Mbps download speed, it takes mostly 5 to 30 seconds before each next song on my playlist starts to play. I tried with various devices (Samsung Note 3 phone, Google Nexus 7 tablet), always the same delay. This renders the app unusable to me.

I read here that your development team is working on some features I also need like replaygain (having to adapt the loudness every song gets annoying), faster cache, the ability to save playlists so I can use the same playlist in a desktop app, blocking the addition of duplicates in the playlist before being able to add a track that already is in the playlist, and so on...

It is a great app, but unfortunately, I can't wait until those 'must have' features are implemented. Can you please refund?

Thanks and kind regards,



How can I export a CP playlist?

I would like to import my CP list in Foobar2000 on my laptop but can't find a way to export my playlist from CP. I know it is located on your CP servers, but isn't there a local backup or export function?

TIA for your reply!


I have a Samsung Note 3 and a Nexus 7 tablet. I'm a paid happy user of Cloudplayer, but have a problem with playlists.

On the Note 3 I created a playlist A from both SD card and Onedrive tracks.

On the Nexus tablet I created a playlist B from the Onedrive tracks.

I thought both playlist would synchronize, of that I could see both playlists on each device and merge them.

How can I synchronize both playlists on both devices? And where are the playlists saved, locally or in Onedrive. I searched for *.m3u files but couldn't find any.

Thanks for your reply, great app by the way. Only thing missing for me is a better cache implementation (each song takes several seconds to cache from Onedrive, although 10Mbps connection), and a replaygain implementation, as I use shuffle a lot on my 15.000 tracks.

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