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Share this if you've won as many Tour De France titles as Lance Armstrong.

So NBC has just decided to start showing the Olympic tennis match between Federer and Del Potro simulcast live from Bravo. #wegiveup 

According to TV ratings, archery is the most watched Olympic sport this year, just head of basketball. You do realize no one dies, right?

Gabby Douglas for the WIN.

Karma alert: I'll Have Another's owner made his millions off subprime mortgages.

No Triple Crown winner this year. I'll Have Another has pulled out of the Belmont Stakes. #nohewont

Megachurch pastor Creflo Dollar arrested on battery charges. Must have been trying to beat the Hell out of someone.

May as well put it out there and hope it's a reverse curse: if the Cards lose this, it would be their worst home stand of at least 5 games (0-5) since 1983.

Matty Ho! 

This is why I hate daytime weekday baseball. Because the Cards fail at it.
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