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How to toggle all the kml layer in map with button click

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Is there any problem with download for the file size greater than 20mb. I change everything possible but couldn't be able to download file(textpattern:4.6.2)
In the page

I upgraded the site to 4.6.2 and txp:php tag not working

Tag error: <txp:php> -> Textpattern Notice: php_code_forbidden_user while parsing form default on page default
Anyone having issue

Any Editor plugin that goes well with textpattern>4.6.0. Also it needs to support textile format for previous article. hak_tinymce not working for me and kuo_jhtmlarea_cdn works but does go while with textile. 

Is there any textpattern plugin to limit the number of login attempt

I have 100s of page in textpattern. Is there anyway to detect broken external link within the page

It might be easy but i not able to find the way out.

How to sort article based on custom field in ascending order assuming that some of field might be blank. so i don't want blank to come first in sort.

<txp:article_custom section="news" status="live"  time="any" sort="-custom_10 desc">


<txp:article_custom section="news" status="live"  time="any" sort="custom_10 asc">

It will sort but field with null appeared to be first in the list.

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Just Finished updating Council website 4.1.0 build 7 years ago.. with the new textpattern version and its responsive and more  powerful :)

Is there any good upto date textpattern plugin for mobile detect??

I have posted this question in textpattern forum but haven't found the solution yet.
With current textpattern version once i upload a pdf file i am not able to change the name of file. I can replace the file by uploading again but it will not update new name in the database.
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