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Guys I have a question regarding Skyrim.

How do I save Miraak? Once I fight Miraak and he has like 5% health left, Herneous Mora appears out of no where and kills Miraak....however in one of Youtube videos I saw Miraak can be saved and that is what I want to do too. Could anyone tell me what I have to do inorder to save Miraak instead of killing him?

I am on PC btw (I don't think so story varies with platform)

Hello gamers. Seeking for some suggestions.

I usually play games like Shadows of Mordor, Skyrim, GTA V, Warframe, Saints Row, Witcher....and so on.

Which one among these two would you suggest me taking?
(I know PC is a better choice but it is not an option for me)

I won't name the exact laptop in mind but here are the specs in concern -

A 4K display with 4GB GDDR5 Nvidia 980M


A 1080p display with 8GB GDDR5 Nvidia 980M?

I want smooth and pleasant gameplay. 

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I won new Stars racing in NEVADA! Now I have 5 total Star(s)!

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Scrolling through Dead Rising 3 reviews in Steam saddens me as I was planning to get it. Just to confirm, is the game seriously locked to 30 fps or it works fine now?

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I am a fan of photography but all these years, snaps have been through mobile phones only. Finally, I live long to buy a camera. More of a DSLR. I have seen my friends get one and there are various brands and stuffs that I don't understand (like new lenses which needs to be relevant with the body and stuffs). I would ask for help from this community. I have a budget of $1000. Could anyone suggest me any specific model or anything with useful links which might help me decide what to buy? Co-operation will be greatly appreciated.

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Seems great to me
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