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Thomas - Tommy Fitzgerald
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Thomas - Tommy Fitzgerald

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One of the great conclusions I came to, was the acquiescing to the therapy people on their stance on mobility assist. As soon I accepted the need for a wheelchair, I was able to accept the burden of MSA. Good luck with your day to day trials.
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Thank you Tommy for your message. You're right.... acceptance brings such great benefit. When Suzie accepted her need of a wheelchair last year it opened up a whole new sense of freedom for us in a strange kind of way. Suddenly we were able to go out more and to 'walk' further. I found great benefit myself in the extra exercise (I can't go out on my own because of anxiety problems, and Sue and I had got to the point where we could hardly go anywhere because she couldn't walk more than a few steps). 
When she becomes totally unable to walk at all we may be able to get funding for an electric platform lift to get her out of the house in her wheelchair, but we don't yet 'meet the criteria'!! A friend of ours is having one put in so we'll have a look at that when it's done and maybe start pushing a bit harder to get one for us.
Thank you for making contact. I hope our blog is helpful for you. It's good to hear from you.
God bless you.
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