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Ben Sanders
Ben Sanders Striped Bass Guide on Lake Ouachita.
Ben Sanders Striped Bass Guide on Lake Ouachita.


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Thursday, July 20th, 2017 - You can view the entire meeting on u-tube @
Chris Racey Chief of fisheries on new bait regulations starts at 1:03.

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission met and heard the first reading of proposed changes to fishing regulations concerning the movement of live wild-caught baitfish.
If passed, the proposed change would make it illegal to use any live baitfish, including crayfish, unless it was:
Caught within the same body of water where it is being used, Caught in a tributary entering upstream of the waterbody where it is being used (No baitfish would be allowed to move upstream past a dam or barrier that prohibits the normal passage of fish.),
Or purchased from a licensed dealer selling only certified farm-raised baitfish.
The proposed regulation on live wild-caught baitfish has been proposed to the public for comments through a survey posted to the AGFC website, Facebook page and Twitter feed since June.
The Commission also heard from two men representing striped bass guides during Wednesday’s Commission committee meetings, who wanted to explain the impact the regulation may have on their businesses.

The Commission is expected to vote on this regulation at its meeting scheduled for August 17 in Little Rock.
If passed, will become effective Jan. 1, 2018.
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April Monster Striped Bass from Lake Ouachita fishing with Striper Guide Ben Sanders.
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Miles, with wife Lydia on camera with Boomer the Striper Dog encouraging Miles on as he lands his Lake Ouachita Trophy Striped Bass of a lifetime. Boomer approves at the end.
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2017 weather on Lake Ouachita has seen extremes so far. 28-degree mornings, AC weather in afternoon - Same day!
Paula with her Really Big Striped Bass.

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Miles from Austin Texas with March Striped Bass From Lake Ouachita.
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Striped Bass caught by Karen S. Hot Springs, Arkansas
Location Lake Ouachita.
Mount by Terry's Taxidermy.
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Lake Ouachita State Park will have boat-based Eagle Watch Tours, 2:00 - 3:30 p.m. Friday thru Sunday in January to look for eagles and raptors along the shoreline.
Admission is $10, $6 for children 6-12 and reservations are recommended. Call (501) 767-9366.

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Sept / 2016
Ben Sanders Lake Ouachita striped bass guide ( said David Draper of the Lake Ouachita Striped Bass Association (LOSBA) reported seeing 5 dead floating stripers all around 3-5 pounds Sunday 9/18/16.
See "AGFC Weekly Fishing Report Sept 28th

David netted one and it had been hooked, so he wanted to please remind everyone they should NEVER RELEASE ANY CAUGHT STRIPED BASS in water temperatures over 70 degrees.
Even at 70 and below it is very difficult to successfully release stripers even when best release practices are used.

Not only do the fish not survive, but they count toward your daily limit, so if seen you could be fined for being over the limit.

David Cochran striped bass guide on Lake Ouachita added he also saw several dead floating stripers, David noted one could have been in the 30 pound class.
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As a member of the Lake Ouachita Citizens Fisheries Advisory Group, I attended the 2016 Lake Ouachita Fisheries Management Plan Meeting June 28th.…/LakeOuachitaFisheriesManagementPlan.p…
The AGFC Fisheries Division is revising the State Striped Bass/Hybrid Striped Bass management plan.
ONLY Ouachita, Beaver, Norfork, Hamilton will receive striper stockings.
Hybrid stocking will stop in Hamilton, Beaver and Norfork.
Topics covered at the Lake Ouachita Fisheries Management Plan Up Date Meeting June 2016:
Spring 2016 Electrofishing
Spotted Bass minimum length limit.
Fish Cover Habitat work.
Past Smallmouth bass introduction.
Aquatic Vegetation.
Florida largemouth bass genetics
2007 -20010 Creel Survey.
Striped Bass age and growth rate.
In Attendance From the Arkansas Game and fish Commission:
Chris Racey - Chief of Fisheries
Asst. Chief of Fisheries Region 2 - Jason Olive
District Fisheries Supervisor - Brett Hobbs
Fisheries Management Biologist - Sean Lusk
Black Bass Program Supervisor - Colton Dennis
Black Bass Program Assistant - Jeff Buckingham
Fisheries Pathologist & Genetics - Kelly Winningham
Beaver and Norfork due their Striper Organizational efforts have had the advantage over Lake Ouachita despite their smaller size.
That can be changed.
Squeaking wheel gets the grease. Lake Ouachita Striper community has been quiet.
More facts and research on striped bass were presented in meeting than ever before.
The 2007 - 2010 Creel survey is being completed by Sean Lusk Biologist District 8.
A NEW 1 year creel survey on Lake Ouachita will begin September 2016 and will run until Sept 2017.
Prompted by LOSBA meeting.
A study on Striped Bass growth using the Otoliths, commonly known as "earstones," which are hard, calcium carbonate structures located directly behind the brain of bony fishes is underway, Sean Lusk Biologist in Charge.
The Smallmouth stocking in Ouachita will be suspended.
Also discussed with AGFC and Corps personnel in attendance was Dock situation at Brady.

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