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Ben Sanders
Ben Sanders Striped Bass Guide on Lake Ouachita.
Ben Sanders Striped Bass Guide on Lake Ouachita.

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Lake Ouachita State Park will have boat-based Eagle Watch Tours, 2:00 - 3:30 p.m. Friday thru Sunday in January to look for eagles and raptors along the shoreline.
Admission is $10, $6 for children 6-12 and reservations are recommended. Call (501) 767-9366.

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Sept / 2016
Ben Sanders Lake Ouachita striped bass guide ( said David Draper of the Lake Ouachita Striped Bass Association (LOSBA) reported seeing 5 dead floating stripers all around 3-5 pounds Sunday 9/18/16.
See "AGFC Weekly Fishing Report Sept 28th

David netted one and it had been hooked, so he wanted to please remind everyone they should NEVER RELEASE ANY CAUGHT STRIPED BASS in water temperatures over 70 degrees.
Even at 70 and below it is very difficult to successfully release stripers even when best release practices are used.

Not only do the fish not survive, but they count toward your daily limit, so if seen you could be fined for being over the limit.

David Cochran striped bass guide on Lake Ouachita added he also saw several dead floating stripers, David noted one could have been in the 30 pound class.

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As a member of the Lake Ouachita Citizens Fisheries Advisory Group, I attended the 2016 Lake Ouachita Fisheries Management Plan Meeting June 28th.…/LakeOuachitaFisheriesManagementPlan.p…
The AGFC Fisheries Division is revising the State Striped Bass/Hybrid Striped Bass management plan.
ONLY Ouachita, Beaver, Norfork, Hamilton will receive striper stockings.
Hybrid stocking will stop in Hamilton, Beaver and Norfork.
Topics covered at the Lake Ouachita Fisheries Management Plan Up Date Meeting June 2016:
Spring 2016 Electrofishing
Spotted Bass minimum length limit.
Fish Cover Habitat work.
Past Smallmouth bass introduction.
Aquatic Vegetation.
Florida largemouth bass genetics
2007 -20010 Creel Survey.
Striped Bass age and growth rate.
In Attendance From the Arkansas Game and fish Commission:
Chris Racey - Chief of Fisheries
Asst. Chief of Fisheries Region 2 - Jason Olive
District Fisheries Supervisor - Brett Hobbs
Fisheries Management Biologist - Sean Lusk
Black Bass Program Supervisor - Colton Dennis
Black Bass Program Assistant - Jeff Buckingham
Fisheries Pathologist & Genetics - Kelly Winningham
Beaver and Norfork due their Striper Organizational efforts have had the advantage over Lake Ouachita despite their smaller size.
That can be changed.
Squeaking wheel gets the grease. Lake Ouachita Striper community has been quiet.
More facts and research on striped bass were presented in meeting than ever before.
The 2007 - 2010 Creel survey is being completed by Sean Lusk Biologist District 8.
A NEW 1 year creel survey on Lake Ouachita will begin September 2016 and will run until Sept 2017.
Prompted by LOSBA meeting.
A study on Striped Bass growth using the Otoliths, commonly known as "earstones," which are hard, calcium carbonate structures located directly behind the brain of bony fishes is underway, Sean Lusk Biologist in Charge.
The Smallmouth stocking in Ouachita will be suspended.
Also discussed with AGFC and Corps personnel in attendance was Dock situation at Brady.

Read more:

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Tommy Wheeler from N. Carolina with family and friends display their morning catch of striped Bass on Lake Ouachita.

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Here are some facts about striped bass.

Striped Bass have played an important part in American history since Colonial times.

Striped Bass Also known as striper or rockfish. They get their name from the seven or eight dark, continuous stripes along the side of its body.
Two strains are know of, Gulf Strain and the Atlantic Strain.

World Record Striped Bass Caught - 81.8 lbs.

World Record Land Locked Striper 69.6 lbs.

The largest striped bass ever recorded was a 125 pound female caught off Edenton North Carolina in April, 1891.

3 other Striped Bass over 100 lbs. have bee recorded.

The Oldest Striped Bass ever recorded was 31 years of age.

A Striped bass tagged in the Chesapeake Bay was recaptured in Canadian waters, over 1,000 miles away.

A Striped Bass tagged and released in the Saint John River, New Brunswick Ca., was recaptured 36 days later in Rhode Island, 503 mi away!
Average 14 miles a day.

The first free public school of the New World and pension funds for the widows and orphans of men formerly engaged in service to the Colony were also funded, in part, through moneys derived from the sale of striped bass.

In colonial times Striped bass were so plentiful that at one time they were used to fertilize fields which led to the first conservation law of the new world in 1639 forbidding the use of striped bass as fertilizer.

The first striped bass fishing clubs were organized just after the Civil War, and used carrier pigeons to correspond with one another.

Michael KinCannon and Myself had the privilege of hosting a meeting of the Lake Ouachita Striped Bass Association at my Place Sunday Afternoon May 22, 2016.

Brett Hobbs AGFC biologist in charge of the striped bass project at the Hulsey fish hatchery in Hot Springs and his new assistant biologist, Sean Lusk, a recent masters graduate of Auburn University, along with their wives were the guest of honor.

As one of the founding members of the Lake Ouachita Striped Bass Association, I want to thank Brett and Sean for taking the time out of a very busy schedule to spend a Sunday afternoon generously answering questions about the Striped bass program of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission and Lake Ouachita in particular.

We did have striped bass for lunch along with other food and drink provided by Dave Draper and wife Melisa along with David Lindhag.

David Lindhag and Dave Draper, Michael KinCannon are also founding members and Dave Draper is the President of L.O.S.B.A and his wife Melisa is building the website and social media contacts for the Assoc.

Several Lake Ouachita striper guides were among the attendants.

The L.O.S.B.A website will be available soon.
Immediate info can be obtained by calling Ben Sanders @ 501-318-3092 or Dave Draper

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The other day Tracy from N Carolina reminded me of the relationship between 42,000- acre Lake Ouachita and 110,000-acre Lake Marion and 60,000-acre Lake Moultrie.
Better known as the Santee Cooper lakes.
Separated by several hundred miles in the years that followed the completion of these two projects, the names Ouachita and Santee Cooper would soon roll off the tongue in unison because of their intertwined destinies.

In 1956, Ouachita,  received the first Arkansas stocking of approx. 16 striped bass  comming from the Santee Cooper system.
Several years later, in 1964 and 1965, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission sent 825 blue catfish, weighing about 1 pound each, to South Carolina in exchange for striped bass fingerlings.
Tracy reminded me to this day, the big blue catfish - often 50 pounds or more are referred to as “Arkansas Blues” because of their lineage.
While it is those blues that have caught the attention of South Carolina anglers, the striped bass that came to Arkansas have definitely written their own story.

The Stripers in Ouachita offer a freshwater deep-sea fishing adventure in the the natural state unparalleled anywhere else in the United States.

The chase of these fish range from the surface, tail-spacking feeding frenzies,  to 70 feet below the surface, depending on time of year.

And my Friend, Until you have cast a top water plug into Stripers in a surface feeding .... tail spacking frenzy .... you, my friend have missed one of the top thrills in all of freshwater fishing. 

The month of May has historically been one of Ouachita's  best topwater months. We still have some dates open.

So give us a call (501-318-3092 to reserve your adventure chasing the line sided devils of Lake Ouachita.

 See you soon
"We'll keep the lines baited for ya"

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As April approaches the AGFC starts getting ready for their annual Striped Bass project. Adult Stripers are collected by
Fisheries personnel with gill nets from the South Fork of Lake Ouachita.
The preferred size of Striped bass for the spawning project are 10 to 25 pounds, larger are returned to the lake .
This must watch Video of the Striper stocking program describe the dedicated job the AGFC personal does at the Hulsey Fish Hatchery in Hot, Springs, Arkansas.

Also April kicks off the season on Ouachita when most of the Striped Bass in 40 to 50 pound range are caught using some really large live bait.
You need to act fast if you want to get in on the action we have a few dates left. 
Ben Sanders 501-318-3092

See You Soon
"We'll keep the lines baited for ya"

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March 10, 2016 - Lake Ouachita water temperature already reaching 57 degrees - 
The Freshwater Trophy Striper Fishing on the Lake is close to being in high gear.
Its time to book your Striped Bass Guide for April, May and June.
Be sure your guide uses Live Shad for your best change to catch a memory of a lifetime.
Call 501-318-3092 
or visit

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February weather has started with some real nice days and good Striper Catching.
Michael W. did catch his limit, but yeah the big one got away after an extended drag rippin, arm tiring drag of a fight. Next Time Michael-next time.
The spring trophy season calendar is filling fast - better call today and set your reservation. 501-318-3092 
Hope to see you soon.
We'll keep the lines Baited for ya.
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