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I have seen it   coming through the haze Beginning from   yearnings of unity One with another   at the table spread With a feast for   all celebrating diversity Celebrating life lived   celebrate daring Come to the waters   come and feast with us A dream is...

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Rest   I in them     you in us Healing   balm    from within Breath   love    has entered Cry   in one     altogether Laugh   united     from within Calm   inside     being with Die   to self     be united

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I'm sorry,   I was wrong Two most important   phrases and we brush Them aside as weakness   it is the claim to What has been broken   fractured like The bread we break   in order to claim Our wrongs and heal   it is not strength To ignore, act like there   ...

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In the dark
Deep speaks to deep   in the dark silence Prayers of the heart   released and given In sighs, to this moon   the stars, sent to Travel miles into the   dark given as Blessing in breaths   to much for words Instead stirred within   a shudder from Emotion of ...

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Little Words
John 20:19-31 In John's gospel every word counts. John's gospel was written for a community who believed Jesus was coming back before the last disciple died. The reality they live into is everyone of the disciples has died so how do we believe. It is why be...

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You cannot know   what is hidden Unless you look   in the hidden place Snug, safe, gone   are the ideas of Proof, they are only   known from within Like listening for a   heavenly tongue It opens a door to   another place Not special, not more   just there,...

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They wouldn't let Peter go alone   so they went fishing Then they saw a stranger, advice   offered, did they laugh Poke one another, "What does he   know" Everything They followed once more and   caught more than Bounteous, abundant, did he laugh   then at ...

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Breath the breath meant to awaken All which lay still, dormant at rest Awakened by the touch of inner Strings unknown, which cannot Be captured or harnessed, rest B     R         E            A                T                    H The space, sacred, holy, ...

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Jesus came near
No bursting, no splendor   just a walk on the road A walk of failure, disappointment   and he came near Walking alongside, offering   himself once again To listen, to talk, to point   the way, as usual They could not see, could not   understand, he was dead...

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Fully Known
Sing the song of freedom   from roots of long ago Born from the trail of   stardust fallen since The creation, trailing   deep within the earth Known before time   ancient in its wonder A magic power beyond   our knowing tied To the very beginning   opened ...
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