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Matt Billock
Software engineer, gamer, writer, musician, etc
Software engineer, gamer, writer, musician, etc

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Linear time, Logarithmic time, and Databases
Database tables are usually just arrays of data, sometimes contiguous in memory, and sometimes not. To scan a table for the right answer on an arbitrary field would be O(n) in the worst case, since database tables are not guaranteed to be ordered (it's impl...

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Georgia Tech - Two More Weeks Down!
So last night I finished module 3 in my AI for Robotics course that I am taking as a part of Georgia Tech's Online MS in Computer Science . Things have somewhat settled down into a routine, with my various classmates working through the course at their own ...

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More posts at Elite Gaming Computers!
This week I had a nice contrast in my articles. On the one hand I covered the ASUS Z97-WS, an absolute beast of a motherboard. On the other hand, I covered the Raspberry Pi for emulation and HTPC usage. The contrast pegged my chuckle meter, at least, as I f...

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Georgia Tech OMSCS - Week 1 Recap
I know, it's only Thursday! So I just finished my first "week" of class for Georgia Tech, and I wanted to get some of my thoughts down on virtual paper. I'd like to chronicle my adventure semi-frequently in this manner, so please bear with me if this isn't ...

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Check out my new article on SanDisk 4TB Solid State Drives!

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New Freelance Gig
Hey All, I know it's been pretty quiet here lately, but I've been keeping up with my writing. I lately picked up a new freelance writing gig. I'll be writing content for the blog at Elite Gaming Computers - You can s...

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An Open Letter to Georgia Tech's Online Masters in Computer Science Program
To whom it may concern, I just received my application decision, and I was turned down for admission to the online Masters in Computer Science program. I must say that I was surprised. From the FAQ on the OMSCS web site, I see the following requirements: Pr...

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