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Jo Ann Snover
Stock photographer, illustrator, chief cook & bottle washer at Snovers/West
Stock photographer, illustrator, chief cook & bottle washer at Snovers/West

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More on #Fotolia - this time about closing accounts for some who speak out about the #DollarPhotoClub

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A new blog post about how we still need (and don't have) fair trade for stock contributors. A year after a post on the topic, this sums up the highlights (or should it be lowlights?) of the year since. It's quite a rogue's gallery...

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A German photographer asked for a summary of the Dollar Photo Club mess in English, and I thought I'd share that here for anyone trying to catch up with what's been going on.

As an aside, I checked Dollar Photo Club's Pinterest boards today and noted that many of the images they highlighted get a 404 (not found) error if you click on the link - meaning those are now opted out of DPC - the word is spreading, thankfully

Earlier in 2014, Fotolia introduced the Dollar Photo Club, a stock site with all Fotolia's photos and illustrations but with very different pricing. Although Fotolia is presenting this site as exclusive and targeted at high volume buyers, the reality is that for just $10 a month you can sign up for a 10-image "subscription" - $1 per  image, all sizes. Anyone can sign up - and some contributors who had never purchased a single image were sent the offer e-mail!

And the contributor makes a subscription royalty for each sale. Subscription prices without a requirement for the buyer to commit to a high volume of purchases is very very bad news for contributor income.

Contributors were not notified about the drastically different pricing and were initially told there was no way to opt out of this sales channel - except by leaving Fotolia. With the encouragement of a group of contributors pledging to remove their files if things didn't change, Fotolia has relented and provided an option to opt-out of sales at Dollar Photo Club (referred to as DPC in the Contributor Profile)

You can read Fotolia's intentions in their own words in this TechCrunch article:

"In an effort to take on the entrenched players in the States, namely Shutterstock and iStock, he created DollarPhotoClub as a pricing play to break into the US." and "It’s disrupting the business model of the two big U.S. players..."

If Dollar Photo Club succeeds, what will get disrupted is contributor income - this is replacing higher royalties with lower, not opening new markets or finding new buyers (and early responses on Twitter and Facebook indicate that's exactly what's happening).

So for your own sake, at a minimum opt out of Dollar Photo Club - on Fotolia, when logged in, it's in Profile, then Contributor Parameters. Another step to take is suspend uploading to Fotolia - subscription sites need a steady stream of new uploads to keep buyers coming back (and advertise the weekly/monthly number of new items). You could also consider whether or not it makes sense to continue with an agency that treats its contributors so shabbily. Remember, the opt out only became available as people started deleting work from Fotolia.

It was 28 million plus images; today, it's 27 million and falling.

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The Dollar Photo Club is the worst news for #photographers in a long time. Here's an article that lays out Fotolia's intentions plainly. This is a terrible deal for stock photographers everywhere - spread the word to anyone who sells through Fotolia that they can opt out of Dollar Photo Club sales by changing their profile (it's referred to as DPC).

I don't see how Fotolia can "win" with this approach - and we don't need them hurting the other agencies as they try to revive themselves.

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For any photographer friends who license through Fotolia, they've added an opt out for their bad-news Dollar Photo Club. Opt out to avoid low volume low price (worst of all worlds) deals. Read more about it on MSG

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Wishing I was still there (as it's a little rainy and cool here this week) - a fine form of torture to edit images of such an idyllic spot.

Shoot, upload, repeat is the mantra for stock photographers - I'd like to change it slightly to include more swimming and meals at restaurants on the beach :)

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Nasty analytics bug in #Symbiostock causing severe CPU throttling - thanks to Tim Hester for finding this.

I commented out the line of code causing this and my throttling has stopped. See this thread in the #Symbiostock forum for details

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Today's blog is for Fiverr sellers - how to stay out of trouble using Fiverr gigs to sell stock images and illustrations

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Blog post urging buyers not to support image thieves offering insanely cheap prices on #Fiverr

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#Symbiostock sites have crossed the 250,000 image threshold and a number of us are celebrating with special deals. I'm offering 50 cent blog sizes for 50 images through the end of March.

It's not Getty's expensive-under-the-hood "free", but pretty close!

Other sites are offering deals too. A free image from eco Stock as well as 50 cent blog size

50 pence on 50 blog sizes from Kerioak Imaging

50 for 50 bird images

And blog sizes for all images at 50 cents at these sites:
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