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There are only three tenets of theology that are necessary to fight over:
1: Mankind is made up entirely of sinners
2: Jesus died as the ultimate atonement for all sin
3: By accepting His grace, we are made right with God by no merit of our own
Everything after that is either a sociopolitical issue, or an intellectual exercise, depending on whether it has practical bearing on how you live your life.

Of course personally, I love debating social and political issues and intellectual exercises :)
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There are, of course, other tenets fundamentally necessary to support those three, such as: God exists, Jesus was good enough to be a sacrifice for all humanity (implying at least perfection if not outright Godhood), God wants there to be grace for sin (which to me implies that He loves us, or at least values us), and so on. Tenets not necessarily implied by those basic three: the Bible is the absolute and only word of God, X must/mustn't be sinful because Y, marriage = X and≠ Y, the sabbath is on this or that day, baptism = X and≠Y, these words are holy while these other words are unclean, etc etc etc. You know, all the stuff RELIGION is about.
Say what you want and do what you want, not because you were born that way, but because you were NOT born that way. You were born a slave to sin, but Jesus has set you free. Not "you're bad, be good", not "you're good, be gooder", certainly not "you weren't bad in the first place"; that first one is definitely not good news, and the last two are bullshit and anyone being honest with themselves knows it. It's "you're bad, but I make you good". Now THAT'S what I call good news!!
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