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Architecture represents the significant design decisions that shape a system. #developers

Don't make wrong decision and do it in a wrong way, due to schedule pressure. #DevOps

Emacs made me realize anything can be changed by a programmer. #Emacs

Developers may ask DevOps/Ops to create on-demand VMs in public cloud from time to time.
You might have run into inefficient communications.
What're your tips and experience to lower the effort, when providing new VMs?

If you use Jenkins heavily, you must be using lots of different plugins.
Name one of your favorite plugin? And tell us why you love it?
#DevOps #Jenkins

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Fast deployment and migration with docker-compose.
8 lessons learned

#Docker #DevOps

If a new user has a problem, it's a bug in the code or the documentation. End of story.

#DevOps, documentation matters!

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There are one hunderd ways to fix a problem. However the ultimate solution is, don't give it any chance to happen. #DevOps

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Avoid manual changes for /etc/hosts. If you do, make sure it's up-to-date and well managed. #DevOps #Linux
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