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#Ozonosproject An amazing and beautiful #Linux OS project

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Species in Pieces:

This amazing CSS based interactive exhibition showcasing 30 of the world's most interesting but unfortunately endangered species — Their survivals laying literally, in beautiful mastery pieces of polygons.

Other Works:
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Google sharing with more guidelines
Material Design Gets More Material

Only a few weeks ago [1], we published our first significant update to the material design guidelines [2]. We’re not stopping there! Today, we’re addressing even more of the comments and suggestions you’ve provided with another major update to the spec. Check out some of the highlights below and in the blog post.

Links to related Android developer docs. We’ll add more links for Android and Polymer over time.
A new “What is Material?” section that dives deeper into the environment established by material design.
A “What’s New” section so you can always stay aware of latest changes.
• A new section on product icons (launcher icons for Android apps).
• New patterns like the navigation drawer, navigational transitions, scrolling techniques, swipe to refresh, date/time formats, and errors.
• New and updated components including pickers, dialogs, and menus.
• A new usability section on bidirectionality.

For more, check out the blog post linked below. Have suggestions or feedback? Share them in the comments!

[1] First spec update:
[2] Material design guidelines:

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Evolution of the desk
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Graph #Algorithms presented with Animations

- Knight’s Tour
- A* Search Algorithm
- Kruskal’s Algorithm
- Borvuka’s Algorithm
- Breadth First Search
- Depth First Search

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Google’s Polymer Project could change the web, but how’s it any different than AngularJS?

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