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Quick poll: would people be interested in a Debian package building and hosting service? You do some (guided) packaging, adding the details of your software (dependencies, init script, etc.). Then you upload it, manually or using an API to my service where it is built and added to your repository which can be public or private. Would you/your business pay for this?

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Published my second article in the Linux Journal: "Popular IPv6 Tunnel Brokers". Check it out at if you have a subscription.

Post has attachment - I have an article published in the 2013 issue of the Linux Journal: "Using an RPi as a Low-Cost IPv6 Router and Tunnel Endpoint"

Post has attachment Cannot be said enough. CEO's take notice.

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OMG I love Postgres/Psycopg2:

Python tuples are converted in a syntax suitable for the SQL IN operator and to represent a composite type:

>>> cur.mogrify("SELECT %s IN %s;", (10, (10, 20, 30)))
'SELECT 10 IN (10, 20, 30);' Merry Christmas everyone!

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My awesome new library for parsing command line args and config files. It will make working with those two sources of configuration pleasant.

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