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Small Business Marketing Strategies, Tips & Ideas
Small Business Marketing Strategies, Tips & Ideas


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My new favorite app -> it's called "Win Streak" by @StrategicCoach - great way to stay focused & achieve.

"Inspiration comes from a future that's bigger than your past." - Adrienne Duffy @strategiccoach

"You cannot multiply out of complexity" - Adrienne Duffy @strategiccoach

"Intelligence is knowing that a tomato is a fruit while wisdom is knowing not to put it
in a fruit salad," Michael Dalton Johnson #wisdom

"The only purpose of advertising is to sell. It has no other function worth mentioning" - Raymond Rubicam #advertising

"When times are bad is when the real entrepreneurs emerge." Robert Kiyosaki

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How does your business stack up? Take this free self-diagnostic test to find out -> #ProfitProfile

"We always enter markets where the leaders are not doing a great job, so we can go in and disrupt them by offering better quality services" @richardbranson

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When you look beyond your objective to make profit & focus on customer experience - everyone wins. Feel good story ->

1/3 of B2B marketers do not track where their leads came from... imagine how much more money they could make if they did. #smartmarketing
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