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Sorting out multiple google accounts and Google + profiles - I am closing this one but am over here:

see you there :-)

Will the Interest Rate cuts just announced stimulate consumer spending? Right now Australians are not confident in the Govt or the future of the country in terms of exports etc. What we really need in Australia is to get manufacturing going again & create a real economy that makes a lot of what customers consume.

Event organiser called me today, made me a little cranky.  He wants to create the best digital bla bla event and if I pay for a stand at the expo - he will give me a speaking spot. I told him I get paid to speak, I don't pay to speak.... WHEN WILL THESE PEOPLE LEARN THAT THIS MODEL IS DONE! Delegates want great relevant content not endless rows of stands with bored people in them (normally on their iphones!)

I'm going to be on Eastside Radio 89.7FM Monday afternoon 5:30 pm taking about Social Media Women & Social Media in general!

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I love Foursquare - hope they can get it together!! via Fast Company "...with Foursquare reportedly looking to raise a new round of funding--and investors forever looking for new streams of revenue--Foursquare's redesigned app is a step in the right direction." click here for more

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how cool are these?? very talented....

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Nick D’Aloisio has put SOCIAL SEARCH in the spotlight which is co-incidentally the same topic as our 30 April #EVENT. register:
Read Nick’s story here via Reuters

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#NX ABC News 24 interview with #media140au panelists @tlcassandra, @joannejacobs& me on "Women in Social Media" 15 mins of interesting discussion. Enjoy!!

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I AM SO CHUFFED!! + to be on the same list as @MaryPortas(My Queen) is SUPER!! #10 of 100 is pretty cool too!!
RT @ecretail: Congratulations @NancyGeorges! You made our list of the March 2013 Top 100 Retailers to Follow on Twitter -

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