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Snowman 1.00(0)
Your goal is to finish all levels. You finish a level if you killed a given amount of enemies. You need to collect snow-coins to get bigger, because you will loose 3 snow-coins, if an enemy hits you, 2 snow-coins, if you shot, 1 snow-coin, if you jump, and ...

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WetSpot 2
WetSpot 2 is an arcade game which resembles the old
Bubble Bobble and Pengo games. You control a little crab (up to two players
simultaneously) into several mazes, and you must kill all the enemies on the current level
in order to pass to the ne...

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Blobwars 1.17(0)
Since their world was invaded by an alien race, the Blobs have faced a lifetime of war. But now
they have a chance to win the war once and for all. In Blob Wars : Metal Blob Solid, you take on the role of a fearless Blob agent, Bob. Bob's mission is to

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OhBoy 1.00(0)
A gameboy emulator using the gnuboy emulation core. Oh Boy is an SDL port of gnuboy and offers: frame skipping GUI menu for loading roms GUI menu for some settings and saving them to gnuboy .rc files FPS indicator (from SDL gnuboy port) Installation Instruc...

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ScummVM 1.70(0)
ScummVM is a program which allows you to run certain classic graphical
point-and-click adventure games, provided you already have their data files.
The clever part about this: ScummVM just replaces the executables shipped
with the games, allo...

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Originally for the Nintendo, Digger is a game where you try to collect the diamonds and bags of gold while avoiding getting caught by your enemies.     Installation Instructions: Install SISx Enjoy ! ;) Download: SISx:  Download or Mirror

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Tile World 1.30(0)
Tile World is a reimplementation of the game "Chip's Challenge". The
player controls Chip, navigating him through his challenges. The
object of each level of the game is to find and reach the exit tile,
which takes you to the next level. The levels contain ...

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Xump 1.10(0)
Xump game consists of a 20 x 12 playfield, filled with different types of blocks. The player must make the blue blocks disappear from the playfield by
stepping on them. There are five main types of blocks, each of which
behave differently. Installation In...

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Interlogic 1.00(0)
The game InterLOGIC is based on the old Amiga logic game "Balls". The object of the game is to move balls of different col...
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