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Jordan Danger (Girl, Crafted)
Writer, Geek, Marketing/Social Media Consultant, Renaissance Girl
Writer, Geek, Marketing/Social Media Consultant, Renaissance Girl

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Lavender Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Muffins
There's a contest going on over at So Delicious and Go Dairy Free, looking for the best dairy free Snackable recipes around. That got me surfing through old recipe posts of mine, and I came across my oatmeal muffin recipe, which has, over the years, become ...

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Confessions of a Skinny Chick. Who Once Was Not. And Now Isn't Sure.
When I was 27 years old, I
weighed somewhere around 165lbs. I was occasionally distressed by this, but
after I’d had my much-needed breast reduction around age 25, I actually didn’t
care that much about the rest of me. That breast reduction made my life so ...

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Live Laugh Learn? Puke puke puke.
I’m really sick of hearing that stupid phrase (and variants
thereof), “Live, Laugh, Love”. And “Live, Laugh, Learn”. Why are we so obsessed
with this? It’s not really some sort
of wise philosophical statement. It’s three (or four) L words that are really ju...

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Dating After Divorce: It's like riding a bike.
You know what’s funny about being divorced? Okay, follow
along here: Imagine having a relationship was like learning to ride a
bike. And let’s say you were going out for a few years but then you broke up,
or ‘fell off your bike’. People would say, “Aw, no b...

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The Long Protective Retreat
Well, I closed my computer in January, took a long deep
breath, and got busy livin’. Yep, just walked away from blogging and writing in
general. I actually closed up shop in a lot of different ways: I retreated from
excessive social gatherings, avoided unne...

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My Melting Bathroom and the Home Reno Show
My bathroom is leaking again. You’d have to be a long-time
reader here to know what this means, so for those who aren’t caught up: my G.D.
Mother-frakkin’ bathroom is the bane of my existence and consistently makes me
fantasize about burning down my house. ...

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Sharks in Pools: Who's Crazy Now?
Okay okay okay. So I had to share this with you all. Because us anxiety disorder sufferers spend so much of our time feeling like nutbars, and yes we can be...but sometimes we're not. Last month I wrote a post here about how my brain tries to convince me th...

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This Christmas Isn't Even About the Giving.
Usually for me, I think Christmas is all about the gift-giving, because I love  giving gifts. Not this year. This year, it's all about the people. Christmas stands as a marker of the passage of time. It's like a cairn in the great journey, and it reorients ...

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Best of: Crafty Geeky Christmas on Girl, Crafted. Stockings!
I love making stuff by hand for Christmas, especially when people have very particular tastes that cannot be satisfied by store-bought, mass-produced things. A couple Christmases ago, I shared this DIY geeky stocking tutorial when I made three stockings for...

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Be Broken. Be Open. Be Okay with Chaos.
I read two really great articles recently that spoke to me,
and I think they may speak to you. The first one was called “ Why
Lying Broken In a Pile On Your Bedroom Floor is a Good Idea” by JC Peters.
The second was a piece called “Time To Get Honest About ...
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