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So my phone randomly shutoff while I was listening to music in the car. It boot-looped a bunch (would battery pull to make it stop) until finally it didn't and started up. Now all of my music was gone and I was no longer signed into my social network stuff except Google+. Haven't changed ROM, anyone have anything like this happen to them? 

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My case just came in today and so far it's great. If you want some protection without bulk, the Samsung+ case is a good route to go. Check it out on Amazon. 

So Dropbox. Do VZW Galaxy Note II's get the 50 GB or not? I downloaded the app and did the 5 step things, but only got another .25 GB. I'm assuming no, but was wondering if there were any ways around it.

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My Note 2 came in tonite and all I can say is "Wow!"

I want to find a slim case for my phone to offer some protection as I don't want to make the phone any bulkier than it needs to be. Any suggestions? How do you like the flip cover, useful or nuisance?

My Samsung Fascinate just bit the dust and so my Note 2 is on order! I was planning on waiting for the SGS4 to come out, but I had no choice. Although I was 3 weeks away from an upgrade, Verizon went ahead and authorized my upgrade. This is totally a phone I've been wanting for a few months and I can wait for it to get here. I've already bought a 64 gb card. Any suggestions or recommendations for a new Note 2 owner? ROM suggestions, etc?

My phone is deceased. RIP Fassy (it was a Samsung Fascinate). You made many phone calls and texts to family and friends. You gave me directions when I was lost, found the locations of delicious restaurants near by and answers to life's most troubling questions such as: "who's the drummer in Rush", "what's the population of Tibet" and "is this mole normal or should I have it checked out"? You kept me informed of my favorite sports teams and what Justin Bieber said on Twitter. Plastic to plastic, silicon to silicon. In the name of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and The Google, Amen.

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Always good to see the state government listening to the people.
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