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Turn the Tide Ministry
Sharing the Gospel of Salvation through Jesus via Songs, Drama and Practical Application of Biblical principles.
Sharing the Gospel of Salvation through Jesus via Songs, Drama and Practical Application of Biblical principles.

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The Cost of Grace; The Freedom of Repentance
Oh how marvelous the grace of God the Father, the Almighty Creator of Heaven and Earth!  How awesome the power of the Holy spirit that transforms our lives when we choose to believe His word and obey it's commands! How deep and wide is Gods mercy towards us...

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When not engaged directly in ministry related activities, I function in the business world as a business owner. In that capacity I am exposed to many stories of entrepreneurs who have experienced quick and impressive success - particularly financially. Ever...

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A look at the signs of the times we are in!

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The times are, at best, PERILOUS!  The command is PRECISE - Go and make disciples of all men! The message was, is and remains simple but PROFOUND:  Repent, for the Kingdom of God is at hand! There are many places throughout scripture where warning of the si...

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Relationships - HARD!  Die to self? HARDER!

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Getting over ourselves
Why did they show such disdain, even hatred, so unreasonably?   So unrighteously? We may never know or understand. Each day we snap on the leashes (which takes a while with two jumping, overjoyed dogs) and follow our fence line down to a utility easement an...

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Keeping quiet for fear of offending someone?  That isn't biblical

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In Public or In Private; Speaking the Truth
We are not responsible for the behavior of others or their response to the truth in love we speak. When we know we have done our part, in love, no matter how uncomfortable the situation may become, having done all, we are to stand. (Ephesians 6:13 and forwa...

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What would you do if today was your LAST DAY?
I thought about some advice I recently saw on one of those Facebook meme’s, and at first glance, it was such a nice sentiment. LIVE EVERYDAY LIKE IT’S YOUR LAST  Then I realized how impossible that would be. If I knew today was my last day, what would be th...

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Telling Truth
We must stop being so
afraid to proclaim the truth!! When we tell our
testimonies, when we speak of our Christian walk, when we share with others the
struggles, why are we so afraid to tell the truth? I’ve seen it over and over,
I’ve even done it myself. We...
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