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Wes Morgan
Remember, it's only an educated guess unless you have packet data.
Remember, it's only an educated guess unless you have packet data.

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Synergy, Screen Savers and Security
My employer requires me to use a password-locked screen saver on my Windows 7 laptop, so I was surprised and confused last week when I unlocked my system to see a 'security violation' notification; my confusion became acute when I check my Windows configura...

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Android-x86 and VirtualBox - A Potent Combination
For a "network guy", mobile devices can be really frustrating for one simple reason - unless you jailbreak the device, it can be rather difficult (if not impossible) to dive under the hood and get an idea of how the devices behave at the network layer.  Unl...

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New Linux installs - What Are YOUR "Must Have" Apps?
I think that every Linux user has their own list of "favorite" apps which, for whatever reason, aren't included in the default distribution. Some of our choices may be driven by work responsibilities, while others make the list for usability...and it seems ...

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Wireshark, GeoIP and Checking Up on Mobile/Home Carriers
As enterprises move an ever-growing list of services into the mobile space, it becomes essential to understand the limitations of the mobile network infrastructure.  No longer can we perform true end-to-end capture or analysis of network data; what was the ...

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Network Troubleshooting - Sometimes It's What You DON'T See...
I spend a healthy chunk of my typical work day analyzing network packet captures.  My primary tool is Wireshark , which humbly presents itself as "The World's Most Popular Network Protocol Analyzer."  (Seriously - if you aren't using Wireshark, go download ...

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#SpeakerU - Speaker Coaching: It's Worth The Time
OK, so, you've been selected to speak at a conference.  You've spent hours building your slides, you've gone through your outline a dozen times, and you've even jotted down particular words (or turns of phrase) you want to use.  There's only one problem - y...

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#SpeakerU - Building Your Deck, or "You Want Slides With That?"
Previously, on #SpeakerU... Time to Get You on Stage   First Step: Picking A Topic Writing an Abstract, or "PLEASE PICK ME!" So, you suck...
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