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Linux - doing it right
Linux - doing it right


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Some places are "rougher" than others to release kernel in...

Go grab them while they are hot, before I do another set of releases next week, from some other country.

3.14.69, 4.4.10, and 4.5.4 are now out from my trees, and Ben has released 3.2.80 and 3.16.35 (the 3.16-stable tree rises from the dead!), and Sasha will have 3.18.33 and 4.1.24 out in a few hours.

And yes, to quote myself from my talk at the +CoreOS conference in Berlin 2 days ago, (hey, if I don't quote myself, who will?), if you aren't using a longterm or stable kernel release (or Linus's -rc releases), your machines have known bugs on them, unfixed. Don't be someone who doesn't want to update just because you are lazy.

Now, speaking of lazy, back to my coffee while my scripts do their release magic :)

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Not a bird, but a dog, had a hand in this set of stable releases.
New kernel release announcement, made from 30k feet, with Walter the Labradoodle sitting in the seat next to me and then falling asleep on my arm. ( )


Also, now that 4.1 is out, time to announce that it will be the next "Long Term Support" kernel I'll be maintaining for the next two years.
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That long corridor you march trudge down, the end is always out of reach, never arriving there as it stretches impossibly onward...

Kind of like kernel releases, they keep on going!  So, enjoy the walk, and start rebuilding, the following kernels are out now for you to use:

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4.0-rc7 is out, go test it.

Because the final release is close, and let's make sure we buck the industry trends, and make a good solid dot-zero release.

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Argh, what's that bright light???

Time to go back inside and curl up with some new kernels that came out last week:
And for the brave and smart:  3.19-rc4

Remember, this was the last 3.17-stable kernel to be released, you should be using 3.18 by now as 3.17 is not to be seen again, just like this sun in the Pacific Northwest.

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Weather only fit for a seabird.
This is the Seattle we all know and love.  Cold, grey, and rainy.  Just the perfect weather to stay inside and curl with a brand new stable kernel release.

For your enjoyment and warmth, we have the following new releases today:
And for you SLES people out there, there's the wonderful 3.12.33 release from Jiri Slaby.

Go forth and build new kernels, don't go out on the water, it's miserable out here...

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Obey the human.
So as I posted a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to do the Linux 3.17 release one week early so that I could get the first week of the merge window done before travel. 

That was not to be.

So 3.17 went through the usual full rc schedule, and it's out today, rather than a week ago. Go get it, and kick the brand new shining tires.

And because I'm now traveling during what would normally be the first week of the merge window, I'm going to delay the merge window instead.  Oh well. 

But hey, if you have your git tree ready for merging, you can always send the pull request early anyway. That will help get your stuff in early once I actually start merging...

Hey there - Linux 3.17-rc6 is out, and I'm hoping this is the last rc for this release. 

It would be lovely if people would test it on their hardware (and with their software) to make sure it's all ready. And even if you worry about testing development kernels, by rc6 it really is pretty safe. So go for the cheap karmic brownie points.

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23 years ago today was the original Linux announcement on comp.os.minix (but no actual code drop).

How time flies. In remembrance, you can get 3.17-rc2 and play with it, if you want to help test what is bleeding edge today. 
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