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See Japanese Music Sensation AKB48 Perform Sunday
8pm EDT Sunday (Midnight Monday GMT)

In honor of the 100th anniversary of Japan’s gift of 3000 Sakura cherry blossom trees to the United States, Japanese girl pop music sensation +AKB48 sent 16 of its members to Lincoln Theatre in Washington D.C. to celebrate.

Check out the exclusive AKB48 Google+ hangouts interview MC’d by +Marty Friedman, followed by a special limited-time streaming of AKB48’s performance at the Japan Pop Culture Concert 2012! Follow +AKB48 and tune in Sunday, 4/1, anytime from 20:00~22:30 EDT to watch the entire performance!
Sixteen members of the popular Japanese group arrived in Washington for just 36 hours on a cultural exchange to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Japanese gift of the cherry blossom trees.
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