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Sacramento Childrens Injury Lawyer - There are different legal deadlines if your child is injured as a result of someone's negligence.  If your child as been injured, contact an experienced child injury lawyer in Sacramento right away.

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Be very cautious driving while children are present.  We are attorneys who handle bicycle accidents in Sacramento, CA.

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NHTSA planning major updates for safety ratings, crash tests
Take a look at this article about the NHTSA’s vehicle safety rating system. Read more to learn about the recently proposed changes to the system and crash tests. The U.S. Department of Transportation has suggested a major overhaul to the NHTSA vehicle safety rating system. The changes would include altering the current scoring system to include ratings for crash-avoidance and pedestrian safety. New tests and updated crash test dummies will also be implemented to help gauge the safety of occupants in vehicles during collisions. The hope is that the changes will improve vehicle safety and reduce accident injuries and deaths.

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Drugged driving AND drunk driving are illegal and extremely dangerous.  If you have been the victim of a drunk driver or drugged driver, contact Airola Law Offices.

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Self-driving cars could prevent many vehicle crashes
Most motor vehicle crashes are due to human negligence. Drunk, distracted and drowsy drivers cause a large number of crashes and collisions every year. Autonomous vehicles could prevent most of these crashes, but the technical and regulatory challenges are great.

SAN ANDREAS, Calif., Sept. 24, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Following the devastating Butte Fire, many of the displaced Calaveras and Amador County residents are seeking help and guidance regarding steps they can take to begin rebuilding their lives. In an effort to provide advice and answer questions, a town hall meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday, September 29, 2015 at the San Andreas Town Hall, located at 24 Church Hill Road, San Andreas, CA 95259 from 6pm to 9pm.
"The Airola Family has lived in Calaveras County since the 1870's," said Steven Airola, of Airola & Airola. "Our community has never experienced such a devastating tragedy."

"The Butte Fire was horrific on many levels," said John V. Airola, of Airola Law Offices. "It really hit home for me on a personal level as I was helping my mother evacuate. I understand the impact this fire has had on area residents and I'll be available to answer questions and fight on behalf of everyone affected by the fire."

Local attorneys Steven and John Airola, along with an expert group of attorneys from Sacramento and Southern California, have joined together and will be on hand at the Town Hall meeting to offer advice and answer questions regarding their next steps. Steven Airola, John Airola, Eric Ratinoff, Brett Parkinson and Robert Jackson are all established attorneys with their own distinct practices, have extensive experience fighting insurance matters, specifically involving fire loss, insurance bad faith and public utility liability. More particularly, Mr. Ratinoff, Mr. Parkinson and Mr. Jackson have handled hundreds of cases on behalf of wildfire victims who have lost everything. During the town hall meeting, the attorneys will discuss the recourse homeowners, ranchers and business owners in Calaveras and Amador Counties have when it comes to rebuilding and will answer questions such as:

Where do I go from here?
Who do I call first?
How do I work with my insurance company to make sure I get what I paid for?
What if I don't have enough insurance to rebuild?
What if I don't have insurance at all?
Do I have any other rights?
The Butte Fire destroyed over 500 homes and more than 300 outbuildings since the blaze started on September 9, 2015. Concern has arisen that there could be negligence on the part of Pacific Gas and Electric Company after key officials indicated that the fire may have started when a tree fell and came into contact with one of their power lines. The above attorneys have inspected the power line and tree fire authorities believe to be responsible for the start of the Butte fire. They want to share what they have learned.

For more information about the town hall meeting or the attorneys who will be on hand, visit

Contact: Taryn Smith 

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Cars are getting safer, but drivers often drop the ball
New research shows that drivers are often unaware of newer safety features that can help them minimize the risk of accidents. Read on to learn how this could affect you, even if you do you do your part by staying informed about your own vehicle.

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Why can’t people stop texting behind the wheel?
Check out this article about texting and driving and how a new study revealed that many drivers are unable to stop themselves from texting while they operate a vehicle. As a result, many drivers, passengers and pedestrians are seriously injured or killed in distracted driving collisions every day. Accident victims should consider working with an attorney to assert their rights to proper compensation.

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As Sacramento bicycle accident injury lawyers we see all too often that bicycle accidents can lead to catastrophic injuries.  Please ride and drive safely and practice a lot of mutual respect out on the roadway.
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