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(Arrives on Google+ after a hard day's work, panting) Did I miss it? Is it unhip yet? ...OK, I just, gingerly, pushed a +1 button. I feel like a Borneo head-hunter in a hair salon. This place seems rich in possibilities, but I am nervous. Ooh, what happens if I press all these buttons...
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Button-mashing leads to Global Thermonuclear War you know...
I think I broke the universe. No, just the internet, whew.
I think it's still a few hundred parental friend requests short of going out of vogue.
Amro G
Has the backlash started yet?
Don't worry Robert, or rather, worry, Robert. My mum will be here in the next 5 minutes. She loves the internet as only someone who grew up without electricity can.
I just did my first Plus One on your post. I feel oddly superior to... well, everyone.
Amro G
It means "like", John (welcome btw). 
Amro G
They've lifted wholesale from others. Mind you that is how they started. 
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