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I realize now I need to edit the video for any future titles that show up backwards haha! 

Hrm Google + you are very pretty, but good looks don't matter I suppose

Hello ghost town

Google call would be awesome if I knew peoples numbers..damn my early alzheimer's

Hurry up Colorado, be warm NOEW

I suppose a good factor of + is that it feels more private (in a sense) than facebook.

Could more people get on more often (don't mean to be a hypocrite) but I'd enjoy this awesome community much more otherwise!!

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I did the impossible.

Everything is finally working out! My roommates and I each found a place to live next semester so we won't be homeless anymore. Next semester is my last semester at rmcad (at least on campus) I'm pretty excited for it. I'll be ready rmcad...I'll be ready for you. Going to TEXAS FOR CHRISTMAS WILL BE AWESOME. :)

RMCAAAAAAADDDDDDD pleease stop with this torture. *phew phew breath
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