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Here is my piece for Huffington Post about LA County's Measure B (mandatory condoms)
While I'm a strong advocate for safer sex and fair working conditions for sex workers, passing Measure B will not make workers safer nor will it help stop the spread of sexually transmitted infections...
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Obviously, this is about targeting and prosecuting certain people. Remember Max Hardcore going to prison under G.W. Bush's Attorney General John Ashcroft? (Well, maybe that wasn't the worst decision...) Incoming A.G. Jeff Sessions can't even tolerate people smoking marijuana! His attitude towards pornorgraphy probably won't be very favorable. So, I'll venture to say this is about an uber conservative A.G. that wants to put those involved in pornography in prison. Does the result of the voting change such a potential agenda? Could be easier for Feds to claim justification and step in if Californians make a life-encroaching decision on the rights of those involved in that industry. Then again, the D.O.J. and the P.O.T.U.S often disregard the law or make up their own when it "keeps America and Americans safe."

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