UPDATE 1:49 PM on 12/23/11 - GoDaddy has dropped their support of SOPA!

The info below is still a good thought exercise. But just so you know, the issue is resolved. Now if only SOPA fails to pass, this will be but a bad memory...

Boycotting GoDaddy for their support of SOPA?

Then I can assume you'll also...

- Stop using adhesive tape
- Buy a different brand of running shoes
- Get rid of your car
- Start making your own clothes
- Only buy books from indie authors
- Only watch indie films, and not in a theater
- Stop watching TV
- Choose lower-quality sound options
- Code your own video games
- Go without makeup
- Let your upset stomach go wild & embrace your headache
- Make your own greeting cards
- Quit the union
- Stop being a sports fan
- Unplug your electronics
- Take up competitive hand-clapping as your recreation
- Never make another photocopy

That's the trouble with ideals: they tend to get trumped by reality.

Do I support SOPA? Of course not. Do I think we, the people, should sit back and just let a bunch of moronic politicians break the internet? Of course not. Do I begrudge you your right to protest as you see fit? Of course not.

I simply encourage you to follow through with your convictions and to not cherry-pick where you choose to express your ire simply because you find it inconvenient.

When commenting, try to behave yourselves. Feel free to re-read my position before you make assumptions.

(Hat tip to +Shane Barnhill for sparking this discussion.)
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