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We take our public image very seriously, we follow up and/or respond to every review. In your case we are very confused, all managers have been asked of any transaction between our store and a customer with your name. There was a James Haynes at the Yorktown store who had a truck worked on (head work) but it was in 2002 - 14 years ago.
Our frustration is that we offer an excellent guarantee on the work we perform, 2 years and/or 24,000 miles and we back up our work 100% so when a person makes a public claim, with no effort to allow us to resolve the issue we feel we are being shorted.
As with all concerns we highly encourage you to call the shop and share the details of the situation, you will find that we do not hide. We would contact you directly but unfortunately we do not have any current contact information.

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Thank you for taking the time to leave a review, your efforts help so much as we continue to reach into the community doing the best we can.

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