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Cool stuff!
Galactic Easter Eggs Are Cosmically Awesome

Love these ... Some of the coolest I've seen (and simple tutorial).

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#ScienceSunday   #HappyEaster   #EasterEggs   #HowTo  

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Oh... My... God! That sounds amazing!
Kingmakers, a board game bar in Columbus Ohio home to nearly 500 games. You pay a daily rental fee of $5 and can play as many games for as long as you'd like.
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It's like if batman went to the club. I approve.
Volcano Orange Mclaren P1 by +Nathan Craig Photography ... click on +1 and check it out some pretty awesome suggestions below

mclaren p1 vs laferrari; which is the best? -->
porsche 918 vs mclaren p1 -->
mclaren p1 vs 918 vs ducatti 1199 -->

#mclaren   #p1   #mclarenp1   #beautiful   #cars   #awesome   #stunning   #photography   #photo  

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This is the best interview ever. Thank +keeg burkholder for the video.
One of my favorite interviews with Robin of all time. Watching this to both refresh my mind and relax with laughter. The man is Genius and a master of the craft in a way that no one will ever be ever to touch. He is to comedy what Jordan is to basketball, Ali is to boxing, and MJ was to pop. No one has moves like this genius... 

Robin Williams - Inside The Actors Studio - FULL Video

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Fuck you imgurians for making me cry like a baby at 130 AM!
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