Nokia Belle not available in Australia.

When I upgraded to an X7 late last year it was on the understanding that the new OS would be available early this year.

Today, with the roll out around the world I find out that i have been hoodwinked into getting a piece of redundant technology that I would not even be able to give away. To make matters worse I am stuck with this until the end of my two year contract.

To say that I am angry and disappointed is a gross understatement. I believe that Australians are entitled to not only an explanation but either a refund for the product or a replacement which comes with the Nokia Belle operating system.

I have been a Nokia user for years but as soon as I can change to Android or Apple I will be turning my back on Nokia and I doubt that I will be alone. There is a large Nokia market in Australia and if you are determined to kill your business you are going the right way about it.
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