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I've read through all the comments (thank you for explaining various work-arounds!).  Unfortunately, as with another user, the Fade Edge, Inner command doesn't seem to effect anything on the map.  I've changed the settings, and poked around to see if I could get it to work, and nada.  I'll look at the "Battle Map Tiles" tutorial as well to see if it addresses this issue ... but if you know what's up, please shout!

Coffee eases depression in women? It at least eases sleep-deprivation. I'll take the two-fer. #joe #goingmental

ZOMG RAIN! In Seattle! It's a miracle! #noirony #aboutfreakintime (traffic is gonna suck)

DVD happiness. The Avengers was as good the 4th time around. Yay for righteous ass-kicking! #superluv #jossisagenius

Shopping for an iPad 2 keyboard. Any of you have one you ABSOLUTELY LURVE? Needs a long battery life, naturally.

Seattle Peeps! Do any of you know a good coffee shop/cafe in the greater downtown area that has wifi, is open until at least 9pm on Mondays, and maybe has fudz that gluten-free folks can nom on (the last isn't a deal breaker, but would be nice). Our beloved Inner Chapters is on hiatus due to awesome babyfying, and my writers group needs a new/temporary home. Like now. Any ideas?

The change of the seasons. The sunlight silvers. The geese call.

Okay, let's see how far I can get on edits tonight after a very worky day of work and four hours of sleep. I must really love this story.

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