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Blythe Woolston
I read books. In my spare time, I write books.
I read books. In my spare time, I write books.

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Welcome to this year's Morris Interview series. Today's interview is with M-E Girard.   William C. Morris Award Finalist: Best Young Adult Debut of the Year All Pen wants is to be the kind of girl she’s always been. So why does everyone have a problem with ...

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Leah Thomas: Morris Award Interview
Welcome to this year's Morris Interview series. Today we kick things off with Leah Thomas .  I'll add a post with links to all of the 2016 nominee interviews as they accumulate. Because You'll Never Meet Me Bloomsbury USA Childrens 2015 ISBN 978-1-61963-590...

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This isn't the first time I've said goodbye. So far, so good. 

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Learning to Read: "The White Cat" (c. 1903?) Jealousy! Deceit! All the cream!
This is an illustration from The Temple Literary Reader, Book 1 Jealousy! Devious Advice!  If. . .forgiveness! But the important thing is I GET ALL THE CREAM! I'm prepping for an event to celebrate an exhibit at my local public library.   I have taken "Hand...

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Not-A-Review: Crit Cultures
I find that I want to think and write about the books, films, and whatnot I experience, but I also find that I am reluctant to do so. While trying to understand my own ambivalence, I realized that at least one of the factors is the nature of social-media re...

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Help Me Remember
I have been looking for these half-remembered poems. I have a bad memory; take that into account. I would like to read these two poems entire... 1) In Englishe: Yif I should and not astherte, no man danceth thinge of herte. 2) Jeune, tout jeune, I opened my...

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Historical Authenticity
If I want 1910 (the book I'm writing) to work, I have to hit not just a voice, but period authentic discourse. This is where you can imagine I gave you the whole blahblah discourses, but to get right to the quintessence, here is a sample... Humph! You littl...

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Chronotopes and Sites
I saw a film recently, BELLA VISTA, that is encouraging me to think about the way time and space get made in a story. And I'm indexing a book right now. . . Site Reading  offers a new method of literary and cultural interpretation and a new theory of narrat...

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Othering the Martians
I am about to take something out of this story about 1910 (time is so important in 1910), but I wanted you all to see it, because it shows an aspect of Othering. I also want you to see the elegant animals of Mars that DON'T resemble giant Scandinavians. WHA...

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Writing for a living
My partner is a writer—non-fiction, mostly science/medicine and travel writing. His work is immeasurably harder than mine. He recently had a bunch of tiny pieces to write. When I heard he needed to to the Pacific Ocean in 250 words, I wrote this... Assignme...
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