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Gambling during carousing question.

When the combat dice are rolled for gambling, do you count successes (gold won) using the same point system used for damage rolls (1=1, 2=2, 3 & 4 =0, 5 &6=1)?

Are there effects on rolls of 5's and 6's when the player is not cheating?

Has anyone created any homebrew ideals for this type of gambling?

Is there a patron sorcerer NPC already stated out in any of the books? I do see rings, and the Watcher that can be used possible patrons.

A question about Adaptable Combatant talent vs losing guard.

A toughened Pict with a throwing axe (reach 2) spends two DP to break the guard of a defending player with a spear (reach 4). The Pict rolls 3 successes. The player has the talent Adaptable Combatant that reads - " Prerequisite: Deft Blade, Melee Expertise 3
You can adjust your fighting style to suit a range of circumstances. When making or defending against an attack, you may increase or decrease the Reach of your weapon by 1. A weapon’s Reach may not be reduced below 1."

How should this attack play out?

Greetings Fellow Travelers!

I have a general question. When the players encounter a group of thugs, soldiers, pack of beast ..etc - what is the recommended number of enemies to use? For example, for a party of five heroes, do they encounter a group of five thugs?

Cool! Thank you for your answers! That helped.

I have a quick question on armor. If you are already wearing some form of armor, and decide to put on a exo shell, does the exo armor replace the armor you were originally wearing? Or are you considered to be wearing both?

In looking at the Nomad character in the CRB, what are the "3 rewards" that come with the Animal Handler's kit?

Will printed copies of all of the wave 1 books be available for sale at GenCon?

I have a couple of questions about the upcoming GenCon Quick Starter. Will it be available to backers? If so, when? I will be attending GenCon for one day, but I will not have a chance to play in a registered game. Will printed copies be available there?

I see donkeys and mules are part of the starting equipment for many characters. Does anyone know where I can find the NPC stats for them?
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