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Dammit LG!

So my second "repaired" Nexus 5 just died last night. #ArtemsLuck

It spontaneously rebooted while sitting on the couch next to me, then a few minutes later it rebooted again and got stuck at the initial Google logo. I held down the power button to shut it off and it's been totally unresponsive ever since, even with a full night of charging.

My original Nexus 5 worked great for almost 2 years, then the Wifi quit working, so I sent it back to LG on September 30th and paid $72 to get it "repaired" out of warranty. The first refurbished phone they sent to me worked for about 5 minutes before the Wifi quit working and I had to send it back on October 24th. The second refurbished phone I received worked great for about 2 weeks until last night. The worst part is LG refuses to upgrade the shipping, so I'll be out a phone for about 2 1/2 weeks again!

Got my repaired (actually a refurbished replacement) LG Nexus 5 phone back from LG and this morning and after completing the initial setup it has the same broken Wifi issue as the one I sent in. Bet the FedEx guys will be surprised to see me back again today.

I'm running the Android M preview on my Nexus 5 and with it I can no longer use my Jarv BLE Speed & Cadence sensor. It pairs, but gets stuck determining capabilities, or something like that. Basically it's paired, but no data is available. It used to work just fine with 5.1.1. Need me to do anything to help figure out what's going on?

I love your app for outdoor rides which are finally here again, but for indoor training I decided to try out Trainer Road on my PC.  I'm using a Jarv Bluetooth 4.0 cadence & speed sensor that pairs fine with my Nexus 5 and usually works great with your app.  However, with the Trainer Road software on my PC using a BlueGigga BLE112 adapter it can see the Jarv sensor, but can't pair with it for some reason.

After talking with Trainer Road support, one of their developers contacted Jarv and this was their answer. "The unit will not work with any computer but only mobile devices. Each model is also Application Dependent therefore the unit will not work with any other app successfully and efficiently unless they are running one of the supported apps on our site."

Seems like a standard "We only work with officially supported apps." cop-out to me.  Did you have to do anything special to support the Jarv device?  Anything you'd be willing to share?  Right now I don't see you as competitors with Trainer Road, since they only have PC and iOS apps, but I don't know your future plans or theirs.  I'd be happy to pass along any info, or get you in contact with them.  I have no affiliation with Trainer Road other than the $20 bucks I've so far wasted on the BLE112 adapter for my PC.

As an alternative you guys could add interval training and virtual power support :)


Any chance you're looking to add a display without a map for indoor trainer use? I've been using Wahoo's app instead for now, because of this.

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I'd love an invite if anyone has one.

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It's a sea of gold! Go State!

Two simple suggestions:
1) Make the times (morning, afternoon, ...) in plan your day configurable. 10 am for morning is too late. Maybe add a custom button too?
2) When you chose to defer a task in the reminder until tomorrow, pop up the same time selector from plan your day with the above additions.
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