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Taryn Pisaneschi
Branding, creative marketing and speaking/training, oh my.
Branding, creative marketing and speaking/training, oh my.

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Hey West Palm Beach People - vote this up and let's see if we can get the city involved with this. This building is awful. 

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THIS. #winning... I needed a good laugh. 

What were your top 3 gifts received this holiday and why? 

Anyone going to Art Basel? :)

An office recently opened up around the corner from where I live for people to volunteer to help get the word out about the importance of voting. I'm very seriously considering volunteering. I'm just SO SICK of hearing people complain about government, our country, our economics and then finding out they didn't vote.. If you don't exercise your right vote, you can't complain. 

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This is an oldie but a good one! How to prepare for social media events (or any event really... ) 

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Love this reminder. 
Don't visualize success; visualize the steps you will take in order to make success happen."
--Heidi Grant Halvorson,
Social psychologist  recently added new features including Pro to customize, monetize and promote your paper and a discussion corner so readers can comment (and extend comments to FB.) Do any of YOU use (if so or not, why, why not) and has anyone tried out these new features? would love to hear how other people use this service... 

Poll: Are you accessing the internet right now via your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop? 

How do you keep track of all of the relationships you've cultivated on social networks and at events/conferences? Literally. Do you just "remember" them all? Do you use a CRM? How do YOU do it?
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