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BlueAngelLink5 (Chris)
Goodbye Normality. . .forever.
Goodbye Normality. . .forever.


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\\Disclaimer! This is a pin to my profile so RPing will NOT take place here. However my rules for how my account works is here. Watch yourselves.\\

OK! I'll be talking like this all the time.

Dark Pit uses speech symbols "Like this. Remember or you'll pay!"

Finally when I'm quoteing something it'll go 'like this.'

Alright! I'm an RP account so if you're interested then comment on a post where Dark Pit talks. Otherwise I'll talk on other's posts. For example here's my friends and family spiritually.

+Grimm Fate​ is my mother

+Princess Zelda Of Coconuts​ is my sister alongside +Midnā Yōmātsū​ & +Vio Link

+Shadow Link , Hero of the shade​, +Link Of Hyrule​, +Shadow Link​ & +Green Goddess O' Light/Red Witch of Darkness​ are my brothers

Finally is +Yang Xiao Long ღ​ as my cousin and +richensley andrea​, +Hatsune Miku​ & +X-Mario: the Red Wildfire-X​ as my close friends. If I failed to mention you I'm sorry and will fix my mistake.

Also be on the lookout for my Game Ideas in the game: Crystal Beyond. A 3D Collectathon based on Super Mario 64 DS!
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For being a Community called "Ask Rosalina" there's a surprising lack of questions being asked. No offense but maybe better planning out is required for proper metinence.

(God damnit!!! This app keeps crashing as I'm midway typing this, making me start over twice! Oh well, here we go again.)

Introducing the second playable character of Crystal Beyond: Walter, nicknamed Ultra. Before the main antagonist attacked he was a assassin for hire in the Vetronic Kingdom. Afterwards he starts trying to take down the forces behind the destruction along with actually saving Crystal from the big bad in the first level. This is like what Zero did in Mega Man X except after the cutscene he's playable. Personality wise he does care for others but is overconfident & risky. His fighting style reflects this so when playing as the red hot warrior be careful.

Apperence: Ultra's hair looks fancy & upperclass, featuring two spikes in it. He has orange eyes, a small nose & a dark red scarf. His clothes consist of a red robe with a belt buckle and a sword pocket thing. He also has black shorts & orange striped boots with fluff on the top. Besides all of this he also weilds a sword that houses magical fire properties. Go nuts if you wanna design it. I can't really think of any ways to make it stand out.


Attack: 2\3

Speed: 3\3

Jump: 1\3


B = Quick Sword Slash.

B + B + B = A three strike combo. Hold the third B press for a stronger but slower slash.

Direction + B = A sword slash upwards

Crouch + B = A damaging slide

A = Jump

A + A = Double Jump

A + B = He spins 360° horizontally unlike Crystal's vertical spin. This has some landing lag however.

A + Crouch = Ground Slam.

X = Burst. He rockets forward and is invincable to regular enemies. Unlike Sonic's boost tho it doesn't hurt them. Jumping turns into a very small jump but turning isn't too hard. It also doesn't have a gauge as it's mainly just for fast movement. This is his only unique move that doesn't need to be unlocked.

A + Crouch = A super Fire slam down! This one is an instant slam down, basically acting like the bubble sheild bouncing wise. He doesn't go very high with it however. This can be used to burn objects. This is an exclusive & unlockable move which replaces his original pound.

A + X = A dive kick which acts like the one's in Smash Bros. When it comes in contact with an enemy tho he stays in midair and can slash away until he bounces off the enemy. This is useful for combat & is necessary to get over certain gaps with enemies you can use this to bounce off of. It is unlockable & exclusive.

Crouch + X = He preform a Super Fire spin upwards, giving tons of vertical height but no horizontal height. This is useful for things in the sky but not too much for Platforming. It does pack a punch tho! It is unlockable & exclusive.

A + Crouch on a Ultra Super Pad = Super Move, fire wheel. He revs up and goes at supersonic speeds! This is much faster than his regular burst but can only be used if there's a pad in the stage. He drifts when trying to turn and can't jump at all.

Super Upgrade = Allows small jumps to be possible with his Super.
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"Phew, thank Gods my sheilds work so well. Now it's time to slice and dice~"
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"Wait, you're a Okaku now?"

NO!! A friend actually suggested this game to me since she was a big fan of Yandere Dev. I kinda kept my interest in the game a secret and made a ship!

"Why those two out of everyone?"

Well their personalities clash in a unique way, a shy and self-contained girl in love with a passionate girl who's struggling to find meaning in life. Doesn't that sound nice?

"That depends, did you PLAY the game first?"

Um. . .I don't have a PC.

Dark Pit sighed "Something's wrong with you."
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"The fact that you like this sickens me."


"Keep in mind this is FANART. I do respect Pit but would never wanna date him!"
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Night everyone!
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Cartoons back in the day were classics yet extremely dark at times. Here's the two Classic revivals now in the ring against each other! Which game is your favorite? For me. . .well my choice might need some more scrubbing.
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Bendy & The Ink Machine
Cuphead: Don't Deal With The Devil
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"Came to challenge me too? Look, I'm exhausted after my encounter with Zero so bug off!" Dark Pit sighed to himself "Life just never seems to become easier."
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My body system's been acting up &...bathroom problems. It's so gross and gives me cramps! After an hour on the toilet it's over but now I'm feeling depressed again as per usual around this time. Sorry for talking about such sensitive topics. I just wanna share the fact that I'm not doin' great.
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