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Unless someone can make an actual, fact-based argument against it, I'm gonna vote Yes on i-83 and be able to buy liquor in CostCo and Safeway. So far, the only arguments seem to be "temperance" as a stalking horse for continuing distributor monopolies, which is just stupid. Corporate monopolies on consumer goods are not good for people. Anyone?
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The only point I could glean from KUOW coverage this morning was that the bill is stacked in favor of large retailers because of its details around "warehousing" as a way to eliminate distributors. Costco, etc already do this where small stores don't; the bill lays out a plan for smaller retailers catching up but that gives Costco a year or two head start, which might be "unfair" due to it already having economies of scale (which also are currently prevented due to all liquor being priced the same by the state regardless of quantity). But I dunno if that's a good enough reason to dump what is essentially a good idea (privatized liquor sales)
Higher Prices - Check the OFM analysis out, I-1183 add 27% in taxes.

Basically with I-1183 you'll see big brands get a little cheaper and have more availability due to volume discounts and grocery story retailing. Higher end and craft spirits will get more expensive and harder to find due to the 10,000 sq ft rule.
The fact is costco has already said it wants to sell only popular brands in large carry handle sized jugs. The fact is it will be hard and not practical to sell most brands and types of liquor so they'll just disappear for a lot of people in Washington. I can walk into a liquor store now in my small town and see probably 100+ varieties. Having to drive 2 hours to be able to buy from a selection of a dozen or so popular drinks just isn't appealing if this thing passes.

If people don't like the state competing with private liquor sales then all impeding laws regarding liquor should be abolished because as long as their are rules restricting or regulating it nobody gets a free market. This initiative is a full bought and paid handout to big business if it passes and I know of 27 million reasons that make it obvious.
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