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Ryan Dunlap
Fictionsmith (writer/director/actor/editor)
Fictionsmith (writer/director/actor/editor)

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This thing still on?

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I remember getting my copy of McKee's STORY and starting to mark it up six ways to Sunday... then checked and realized it was a First Edition. Anyway, he's starting up a new project for those of you who are students of Story and storytelling.

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An update on the campaign for The Littlest Clockwork, as well as a sneak peek at the first concept for the cover art.

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Hey everyone, I'd like to share with you the project +Amber Hezlep and I launched yesterday on #Kickstarter. It's a fully illustrated 32 page children's book for kids who might love #airships, adventure, and #steampunk!

If you have two minutes, I'd greatly appreciate it if you could check out the video I made that better explains the project, and how as a freshly minted geek dad, I want to provide fun reading material for my daughter. Help fight DAOICSBFAOETSG(uh)! 

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The Greyscale trailer is here! For those that enjoyed Leave Me, this was the film we wrapped on the weekend before we shot that short film (same team). We're currently starting to look for distribution options and are having screener copies pressed at the moment.

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Awesome night last night. We were in the back of the crowd at the Fiction Family show, then I got a text from a friend/coworker that he was there and could get Sarah and me backstage... So I took him up on it.

It can be difficult to find equilibrium in the wake of tragedy. Seeing reports like the ones from yesterday urge me to action, but when I think of how I could act, I find myself at a loss and become dissatisfied at my inability to personally affect any sort of change or healing into the specific situation.

My heart breaks for these families as I pray for hope and peace after this evil event.

Great conclusion for Portal 2. I think that fulfills half of my "2 games per year" quota quite nicely. Now I want cake...
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