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Sounds like limpets.....
Space drones will collect samples from planets and asteroids
NASA's innovations lab at Kennedy Space Center is making drones that can withstand the harsh conditions of space to collect extraterrestrial samples.
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Elite Dangerous  - 
Demand High !!!! +Paul Forster 
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Toni Braxton enters the room
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#adamgoodes  Finally a sensible argument  -  Stop Playing the Victim, suck it up, do your job, and don't quick just because people pick on you.
If quick, school, my first job, my last job, my current job, just because people picked on me, laughed at me, or even boo'd me... I would be unemployed, and living with my mum
RADIO personality Alan Jones has ripped into Adam Goodes, levelling some of the harshest criticism yet at the Sydney Swans star.
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All players that are either aboriginal or think there related to aboriginals, pls take the next few days off to chill, anything less would be called favoritism to Adam goodes... 
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Micheal May

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The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing – 

I am CMR Catalyst Zero, I have been playing Elite for over 600 hrs, in that time, I have acquired a vast array of ships, and hardware to match.  – I also have never made even 1 kill.

I have a unspoken “non aggression pact”

In light of what Happen to +ollie clark  , and the  “safe escort” sager, let it be known, that one day, this pact will end.

When it does, I will come, from the edges of known space. You will not me, you will not have heard of me, but when I do,

I will hold you accountable for your actions.
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+Micheal May I didn't say he was threatening suicide. I was just saying that we don't have all the facts and that if it was an accident there might be someone out there (besides Ollie) having a really, really bad day. Call it my hyperbole.
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Micheal May

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How would u define a job ?? I hear McDonalds are hiring staff .. Doesn't take a year to Get a job there...
Just because u have a degree doesn't not mean you are automatically entitled to a job
As our Data Bank blog illustrates, now is officially the worst time on record to be a graduate.
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Syllabus needs to reflect the skills shortage, there are too many universities taking money to deliver qualifications with little or no job prospects. How many media studies grads does the world actually need? ;)
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I challenge any hacker to take control of my car via radio or WiFi.....

I drive a datson 180b
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That nice BIG jeep driving next to you on the other hand may just run you over... 
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Micheal May

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"Stop downloading illegal content or I will, say stop downloading illegal again, and again and again"...
The Federal Government has published new research showing its planned 'notice scheme' is not the most effective way to stop online piracy:

The research found only 2 in 10 pirates would change their behaviour if they received a warning letter sent by their Internet Service Providers.

It also found the best way to combat piracy is to make content cheaper, more readily available and release it at the same time in Australia.

If you agree with the survey findings join CHOICE’s campaign against ineffective anti-piracy policies here:

Would you like access to cheaper content at the same time as consumers in the US and UK?
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Allow consumers to legally download (not stream) episodes through a paid subscription fee.
Allow the consumers to choose their video format, not something that has so much DRM embedded that it is unwatchable.
Within 6 months, 90% of torrenters will have switched.

Make the first episode of a new show cheaper or free to encourage take up.

All the current systems are still designed around last centuries TV paradigm, and no one is willing to try something so radically new because the money makers can't see it turning a profit. 
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+Paul Forster​​ they knew I would need a lift back to Finteno.... 

Don't drink and fly, just call Lee for a uber side-winder
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No - did that in toilets... Before I left...
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Micheal May

Elite Dangerous  - 
Remember, when Fuel scooping a sun... Panels of your ship get hot

"Hot Surface"
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Like - swatting mosquitoes.....
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Micheal May

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+ollie clark+Paul Forster

You know it's big when you find an article on Google....
CMDR, a player in Elite: Dangerous, has just annihilated months of exploration data in a horrible move that now has him hunted!
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+HeadBurro Antfarm  and on that comment. I will close comments. well put  and thank you.

Micheal May

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The Earth is currently going through a major transformation and the introduction of the New Earth is very close to being in physicality. This introduces a thing called Crystalline Frequencies into the planet and this represents a new era in energetic manifestation.
These new Crystalline Frequencies are a manifestation of unique and specific light frequencies which have originated in the higher planes. We refer to these ‘higher planes’ when referring to the fifth, sixth and seventh dimensions or spiritual planes.
It is now that these Crystalline Frequencies are being reactivated and remembered.
Crystalline Frequencies represent a unique Matrix of Alignment. This matrix is supported and held in place by our human will and intention.
With guidance from spirit guides, Star Point 9 are offering a unique experience in healing and sound. By utilising these crystalline frequencies, we are able to offer for the first time, a meditation experience that facilitates a profound healing experience that is felt throughout the entire body. These crystalline frequencies in combination with other frequencies are embedded into the background of the musical track. All musical instruments are tuned to 417 Hz Solfeggio frequency. People have felt all sorts of benefits such as feeling blissful, a sense of happiness, feeling like their being lifted to another vibration and the list continues. Another benefit of working with these crystalline frequencies is that you may also feel connected to your spirit guides, the crystalline kingdom and higher dimensional beings during the session.
Each track uses a variety of crystals within the music, crystals such as Faden Quartz, Clear Quartz, Dumortierite, Unakite, Muscovite, Moss Agate, Elestial Amethyst, Danburite and so many more. We have also embedded crystal grid energy into music with excellent results.
These sessions are intended to help raise the vibration of the person, as well as clear blockages, balance emotions and much more. This truly is something special and the spirit guides and myself are very excited to offer this extraordinary experience to everyone.
It is with the New Earth energies and crystal activations that we are able to explore the amazing benfits of what is to come.
Each crystal, no matter the size contains a direct connection to the infinite flow of divine light that creates and supports all life. Crystals are a conductor of Universal Energy and contain a light that is the universal love and is the entry point to a united consciousness.
As such, the Crystal Realm is something very unique and amazing and we can use crystals in many ways in order to improve not only our individual lives but also the life for planet Earth.
This is why this current moment in time is absolutely excited because we're bringing forward new ways to work with crystals from other planets.

A preview of one of the tracks that contain crystalline frequencies -
Tickets available from Eventbrite -
Facebook Calendar/Event Reminder -

We look forward to sharing this absolutely exciting time with you!
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Micheal May

Trading Marketplace  - 
Calling all Cmdr that hate the grind.

I'm not overly powerful, nor do u have huge cr balance. But what I do have are some regular, stable trade routes and an A rated 496tone T-9 I call "The Whale"

I'm calling for interest, by any cmdr's who would like cargo (ur choice) to be bought, and released at set time and place for pick up.

I could pepper systems with free cargo, but were is the fun in that.

So anyone wanting "free cargo" - let me know, what type and were u want it delivered...

Normal delivery time 24-48hrs - delays maybe expected..

Cmdr CatalystZero +Paul Forster​
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Free cargo !!!
Nothing for free in the Elite uninivese
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+Elias Mårtenson​ it's down to 2 things....
1. Size of cargo hold, bigger is better. And
2. Higher priced cargo. (Gold from extraction sites or refining, transported to nearest high tech or industrial system netts better profit than scrap....)

It's down to nearest system to system jumps and being prepared to grind... (Which I struggle with as I easily get distracted.... #squirrel.... Or ooo, lookit the pretty stars.... :-D ) 
It's all about controlling the Zero's and One's
Mad Ninja skills, were everyone else stops, I step in.....
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